Thursday, September 8, 2016

How to Create a Well Balanced Toddler Breakfast

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Not to brag, but my toddler loves to eat and will eat about anything I give her. I'm not kidding.... she loves salmon, broccoli, green smoothies, oats, etc. The key is to mix it up. Over the last 6 months I've learned that Emerson loves variety. For example if she has chicken at lunch I better not give her chicken for dinner. She's a funny one.

Did you know that September is better breakfast month? We don't skimp at our house. Breakfast usually consists of either a green smoothie, eggs and avocado toast  or something like that. But then there are those mornings, as a mom, you need something quick and nutritious! On those mornings I turn to Lender’s Bagels, Del Monte Fruit & Veggie Fusions and Milk. If we have it I usually add sausage or a hard boiled egg to the mix. Oh and there's always a tall glass of Great Value 2% Milk.

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How to Create Well Balanced Toddler Breakfast

1. Start with a fun plate.
I love the divided plate pictured above.

2. 1 Part Fruit/Veggie: I say start with their favorite, but if you need something quick try Del Monte Fruit & Veggie Fusions. Del Monte Fruit & Veggie Fusions is the only fruit cup product that provides 1 serving of fruits and veggies in a single cup. The veg is in the juice but you’d never know it. Tip: Look for specially marked Del Monte Fruit & Veggie Fusions packages on shelf at Walmart for valuable coupons for Del Monte and Lenders products.

3. 1 Part Carbohydrate: While fruits and veggies are considered carbohydrates I also give Emerson a small serving of toast with avocado or nut butter. Recently to mix things up I purchased blueberry Lender’s Bagels! Bagels for breakfast are timesaving, easy, tasty and nutritious. Lender’s has a bagel for Everyone! Plain, Blueberry and Cinnamon-Raisin flavors are kid-friendly, great for the whole family and re filling – sustaining kids all morning. Tip: Lender’s Bagels are available in the refrigerated dairy section at Walmart.

4. 1 Part Protein: We switch it up between sausage, a hard boiled egg or scrambled eggs.

5.  Glass of Milk: Milk is also a great source of protein, but since we have a growing girl we make sure she has milk readily available at all times.  Milk is naturally nutrient rich and powers potential - if you have access to it. Milk's 9 essential nutrients, including 8 grams of high-quality protein per 8 ounce serving, can help to ensure that kids have the potential to play, learn and grow.

Our 5 Favorite Breakfast Combos

1. Green Smoothie: Handful spinach, 1 cup water, 1 tsp nut butter, 1/2 frozen blueberries, 1 half orange and ice.

2. Avocado Toast with Scrambled Eggs

3. Hard Boiled Egg, Blueberry Lender’s Bagel and Mixed Berries

4. 1 Sausage [diced] and Del Monte Fruit & Veggie Fusions

5. Overnight Oats with Berries and Nut Butter

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  1. thats SO great she loves to eat! VI is pretty picky these days so we have to get creative. thankfully she loves smoothies so we put a LOT of good stuff in those every day. xo jillian - cornflake dreams