Wednesday, October 26, 2016

12 Things to add to Your Nordstrom Wish List

There's something about a sale and Nordstrom that make me giddy. Ok, maybe it's just a sale.... either way you really can't go wrong when shopping at Nordstrom.

Recently I've been thinking about scrapping my wardrobe, in it's entirety, and starting over. The thought is scary, but I'm pretty sure I wear the same thing every week -- mostly activewear and 'work' clothes a few days a week. At this point I'm sure my clients think I only have 5 outfits. HAHA

I started browsing Nordstrom and added the following to my wish list and or cart. I bet you know which made it to the cart -- cough, zella leggings, cough.

Anyway these are all great pieces that will work perfectly throughout fall and winter. What's on you Nordstrom's wish list?

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