Monday, October 3, 2016

Mama + Mini Fall Style

I must confess, while I love all things fall I really don't want summer to end! Reality set in yesterday when it started snowing. While it was more like snow flurries the point is winter is closer than I'm ready for [enter crying emoji].

Luckily it will warm back up this week which means we'll be able to paint the house! We resurfaced the concrete front porch and picked colors so things are starting to come together.....until I second guess myself, again. I really don't know how people do this for a living. I've had so many restless nights over house choices. Then things either work out or don't and I just live with it. HA. 

WOW, major side track there. Let's get back to fall style because I am so fashionable. Just kidding. Yeah I can look pulled together, but let's be honest I'm not setting any trends. Hey, I'm just a simple gal. Anyway before I start on another tangent.....

PSA for the Week: People we are entering the holiday shopping period and if you're smart like me then you'll do most of your shopping online. If you're not using Ebates then you need to sign up today! Who doesn't want to get paid to shop.

This is not a joke, scam, etc. For example today you would receive 6% cash back on anything you order from Nordstrom, 2% from Target, etc. Plus, sometimes you'll get double cash back on days like Black Friday.

The short of the long is sign up, stat! When you sign up using my LINK Ebates will give you $10 because you're awesome!

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  1. Oh my goodness, if I didn't live in Texas I'd be buying that beanie for my 2yr old daughter! So cute!! And I've gotta make sure I sign up for Ebates, getting paid to shop!? Yes please!!