Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Best Toddler Shoes

Emerson was an early walker, lucky us! Since she's been walking for nearly a year it's safe to say we have a few favorite shoe styles and brands. It's crazy to think, but in the last year girlfriend's foot has practically grown 3 sizes! Yup, fun fact -- Toddler feet, on average, will grow a shoe size every three months. That's a lot of new shoes.... Aside from seeking out the best shoes I also try to hunt down the best prices. No one wants to pay $50+ for a pair of Toddler shoes.

Boots / Leggings / Shirt
Cat & Jack for Target: We love the style and price. Emerson currently owns two pairs of boots -- these in her current size and these in the next size up. 

TOMS: Probably the best toddler shoes. They fit great and are so easy to put on. Every time I ask Emerson what shoes she wants to wear she grabs her TOMS. Maybe it's because they sparkle or maybe they really are her favorite shoes. We're currently eyeing these, these and these. Sale Alert: TOMS are currently 50% off at the Nordstrom Rack

Converse: Velcro! All the cool kids are wearing them -- just saying. Sale Alert: These slip-ons are only $17.94

Nike: When Emerson was just learning to walk her Nikes were our go-to shoes. They're sturdy and have just the right amount of tread. We're eyeing this hot pink pair. 

Mini Melissa: SO... these are on the pricey end, but they are soon darn cute. Plus they smell amazing. Girl mamas you know what I'm talking about. I think Emerson needs these!

Honorable Mentions* ;)
- Gap /Old Navy
- Striderite

*There were a number of brands left out due to the fact we haven't tested them out. 

The key to a great toddler shoe? One that doesn't give a kid blisters after a hard day of playing.

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  1. The Wife is def a fan of the TOMS on our kid. But I'm a fan of the Natives knockoffs by Old Navy. They're so easy to put on and rinse!! Stride Rite and See Kai Run are also favorites of ours!

    Found ya off the Fitfluential FB Group!