Thursday, January 19, 2017

Friday Favorites: baking, snow and workout clothes

It's been a long few weeks full of snow, work, parties and party planning. Emerson in turning two in a week! Where has the time gone? Thanks to Minted and the Target Spot her  party is coming together nicely. Can we talk about the Target Spot for minute? Isn't is awesome?! For her party I was able to score a mini cake stand ($5), garland ($1-$3) and cake/cupcakes toppers ($1). Now I need to decide on a cake. Any healthy suggestions? Ideally it would be sugar-ish free. But more on her party later let's talk about what I'm currently loving.

Baked Goods
Earlier is week I shared the most delicious Healthy-ish Chocolate Chip Muffins. Trust me you should make them this weekend.

If you didn't know I'm a big fan of Crossfit and even spend extra time in the 'box' working on skills. Crossfit changes my life and body for the better. I'm not bored with workouts, I want to workout and I'm the strongest I've been since college.

I over heard girls say they don't want to get big, but that's a myth. Look at me I lift heavy and I'm by no means 'big.' My arms are toned and booty is round, but that's me. I recenting read and article How Will CrossFit Make You Look? and felt it was perfect. Crossfit will make you look like the best version of you. Give it three months and you'll see what I mean. Happy Lifting.

Best Workout Deals
You didn't think I would keep some of the best workout apparel deals to myself, did you? Up until Tuesday night I had not spent a dime on unnecessary items! WOW I know. It felt good, but then I splurged on a pair of Athleta High Rise Mesh 7/8 Tights and saved on a GapFit Breathe racerback tank.

Here are a few deals I'm eyeing this week.

Yeah, yeah -- I know you're tried of me talking about the snow, but it won't stop. Due to all the predication California is almost out of the drought. However, we'll need a few years like this winter to maintain it.

On that note, I'll leave you with this...

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