Monday, February 6, 2017

Crossfit Gear: What you Really Need

The Crossfit Open starts in 17 days! Are you ready? I'm excited and nervous. Why? Because I'm in the new 35-39 masters group and I'm about to find out if my hard work pays off. I'm sure it will. Will I qualify for regionals? Probably not. Do I want to? Yes! Honestly, I would love it if I one day I made it to the games as a masters athlete. It takes a lot of hard work, grit and mental toughness.  Whether I ever make it to the games the Crossfit Open is a fun 5 week event to get excited about. Our box creates teams and makes it into a mini in house competition.

Let's back up I started Crossfit in 2014 two months before I found out I was pregnant.... yeah. I managed to keep going two days a week until I hit 30 ish weeks. I didn't return until July 2015... So  you could say I've only been crossfiting for a year and a half. In that time I've gone from just showing up for class to really pushing myself and working on strength and my weakness. My body has changed tremendously in the last year.

Anyway, during that time I started investing in various items like Crossfit shoes, a jump rope, foam roller, etc.

These are items I like. If you're new to Crossfit don't worry about running out and buying everything. Give it a few months and then determine what you need and want.


When I first started Crossfit I rocked my Nike's with pride and they worked. Over time I got better and needed new shoes. Not sure how I would like Reebok Nanos I bought a pair of Nano 4s at the outlet. Boy did they make a difference in WODs.

I'm not the girl in the box with booty shorts and sports bra, but I do try and buy apparel that's super breathable. This girl gets hot. Yes there are times I'm sans tank so a cute sports bra is usually in order. I'm currently loving this tank, leggings and sports bra.

Jump Rope
Whether you have your double under or not there's something nice about having your own jump rope.  My rope is the perfect length for me.


While you don't need them it's nice for certain movements especially when things start getting heavy. I didn't buy my first pair of OLY shoes until 9 months ago. They've helped with my lifts and give me the stability I need.

Wrist Wraps
After having 'mom thumb' I bought wrist wraps. They provide extra support when lifting heavy or overhead.

Weight belt 
When you squat often and heavy the extra support helps. Starting to see a theme? I've tried a few belts, but I personally love my Unbroken Designs belt. It's perfect for OLY lifting and WODs.

I have wussy hands so anything that helps. Hand maintenance is also importance. You use your hands a lot in crossfit and overtime you can build up gnarly calluses. If you don't maintain your hands they'll likely ripe off. Not only does it hurt, but it's disgusting. So I use a callus shaver regularly keep calluses from building up.

Knee Sleeves
If you have knee issues these are a must, otherwise they're nice to have. Like wrist wraps and a weight belt, knee sleeves give you added support. They also can double as shin guards during snatches, rope climbs, deadlifts, etc.

Whew, there's a lot of gear. But remember to give crossfit a few months before investing in specific items.

Crossfit friends -- what are your must have items?

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