Monday, March 20, 2017

In the Open: Thoughts on 17.4

Happy Monday!

It's another CrossFit open recap. YAY! Sadly I don't have any pictures from Friday. Which is probably a good thing because the WOD left me in tears. Tears because I was in pain and tears because I've put so much work in over the last few months and let's just say my performance was sub par and painful to watch -- so I heard.

Tank | Sports Bra | Leggings | Lifters | Water Bottle

13 Minute AMRAP
55 Deadlifts at 155 pounds
55 Wallballs (14lbs) to the 9ft mark
55 Cal Row
55 Handstand Push-ups

Initial Thoughts
Since Brooke Wells was set to be at the announcement I knew there would be deadlifts. I didn't particularly like this workout last year and knew it was going to be an ugly fight for me. Here's the thing, no one in there right mind should EVER deadlift 155 pounds 55 times.

It was ugly. I RX'd the workout and went into it thinking I just have to get through the deadlifts. I was busting out 2s and 3s and switched to singles around 35. Then I hit rep 45 and it all went down hill from there. The right side of my lower back went into full blown spasm. I pushed through the last 10. Before I started the wall balls I took a minute to try and pull my shit together. I haven't trained this hard for nothing. But oh the sheer pain when I picked up the ball... I still managed to pull off 47 wall balls. Yes, against better judgement there will be a redo today. I'm calling it my redemption WOD.

I'm just happy to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Like last week 17.4 showed me another weakness. 2017 might be all about strength training.

What did you think about 17.4? Have any tips for me?

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  1. I agree-155lb deadlift for reps is a little crazy. Unless your like the pros, it's hard to be great at all the things in CrossFit! Hope your back is feeling okay and 17.5 is a better WOD all around! :)