Friday, April 28, 2017

Friday Link Love

Peace out winter there's a new season in town.

I thought Friday would never come. It was another long week. Starting the week with back to back events is never a good idea. But sometimes that's the way the cookie crumbles and honestly it's how my next six months are shaping up. The snow melted and everyone is ready to werk, werk, werk, werk.... but I'm ready for a vacation.

But until then...

I'm currently reading this book. As an entrepreneur I'm always looking for books to help motivate, inspire, etc.

Since it's spring I finally ordered Emerson a Schwinn Balance Bike (currently on sale for $54!) and this helmet!

If you're looking for new workout gear for spring/summer you'll want to check out my thoughts on SKINS. If you only buy one thing you'll want to pick up the Remote T Bar Tank!

Thanks to my sister I'm seriously hooked on BeautyCounter! If you're looking for a killer mask you'll want to try the No. 3 Balancing Facial Mask. My skin looks and feels amazing.

Currently digging this top, these wedges and these shorts for summer!

Couch update....still haven't pulled the trigger. It's a big purchase and I just can't decide! Help a girl out. Do you love your couch so much you would buy it again? Do tell!

Until next time....

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Protein Packed Lunch with Barilla Pasta

Thank you Barilla and Walmart for inspiring and sponsoring today's post. #BarillaPlus #BarillaGlutenFree. 

Trying to hit 100g of protein a day is hard. Just hard. So anytime I can find ways to increase my daily intake of protein I'll try it. Enter Barilla ProteinPLUS Pasta! Barilla ProteinPLUS pasta is a good source of lean protein from a simple blend of egg whites, grains, lentils and chickpeas. Yes, please!

The hubby loves pasta and not only am I increasing my protein intake I'm providing my family with a good source of fiber and ALA Omega-3! Oh, and if you're curious about how much protein is in one serving it's 17g! No I'm not kidding.

I don't know about you, but I always make WAY too much pasta, but I don't mind the leftovers. For lunch today I threw together a quick and easy dish packed with protein.

Honestly, it's an easy way to get rid of leftovers or if you're simply over another salad for lunch. I always add a little extra to my plate because a certain two year old will want a bite or two. Not to brag, but my toddler pretty much loves everything.

Barilla Gluten Free pasta has recently been named one of Parents Magazine’s “Top 25 Allergy Free Foods”

Quick and Easy Protein Packed Lunch

- Barilla ProteinPLUS pasta
- Chicken
- Tomato
- Broccoli
- Oli Olive
- Salt

Cook pasta per directions on box. Place pasta on plate (I added a little extra because I know Emerson will want a bite or two). Drizzle with olive oil and top with grilled chicken, tomatoes and broccoli.

When it comes to pasta I'm a simple kind of gal. A little olive oil, veggies and chicken goes a long way.

Other tasty Barilla products include gluten free Barilla Sauces and 100% whole grain and fat free Wasa Crispbreads. We love the Wasa Crispbreads topped with avocado as an afternoon snack! Don't forget to visit Barilla and Pinterest for more creative recipe ideas.

Ibotta Deal Alert: Earn $1.00 when you buy any three (3) Barilla pasta, sauce or Wasa  Crispbread products at Walmart.

What's your favorite pasta dish?

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

CrossFit & SKINS

It shouldn't be a big surprise I'm talking about CrossFit again.  You know, since I dedicate a few hours a day to working at it. If I must say so myself the hard work is paying off. #gains But what really can make or break a workout is attire. The last thing you want is a wardrobe malfunction or to be messing with pants, sports bra, etc.

Here's the thing, CrossFit is seriously amazing. I probably should write a post on how it changed my body. Why I picked CrossFit over swimming, running, etc. Instead today I'm just going to talk about gear, specifically SKINS! You know this girl loves workout clothes! So when SKINS asked if they could send me a few items I gladly said YES!

SKINS recently launched their standout DNAmic range; With bold graphics and athletic designs, the SKINS DNAmic range is where function meets fashion. Both help you to work harder, for longer and recover faster so you can up your own intensity without worrying about DOMS. #SKINSorNothing

I started rocking SKINS [c/o] back in March and honestly I don't know why I waited so long. Their Remote T Bar Tank is a top contender in my book. It's super lightweight and practically has a completely open back. It's the perfect amount of fitted and loose, if that makes sense. If you're like me you over heat just looking at the air bike. Don't even get me started about Cindy. So anytime I can find a tank that keeps me cool, it's a winner.

During 17.2 I rocked a SKINS DNAmic Women’s Speed Sports Bra for the first time. I could have ended up with a wardrobe malfunction, but I didn't. No rubbing, pulling or pinching. Just pure support and honestly it's super comfortable. I never once messed with it during the workout. Since then I've worn it multiple times and am still impressed. It's a sport bra that I happily grab for. I chalk my killer bar muscle performance to the sports bar ;) Sale Alert: There are a few currently marked down to $25! That's 50% off

But SKINS isn't just for working out. I find myself regularly rocking the Distort Packable Lightweight Jacket outside the gym. While it's probably amazing for running I find myself grabbing it when walking the dog, heading to workout, or just hanging out at the house. This ultra-lightweight, quick-dry jacket packs away into itself for easy storage, so you can keep it handy, just in case. Plus, the colors are perfect for spring or summer!

SKINS also sent me a pair of DNAMIC Compression 3/4 Tights. They feel like you're not wearing anything. While I currently have a size small I might go up a size for my round booty. They're just a tad too low in the back for my comfort level. The material is just as high quality as the other items this sizing was just on the smaller size for me.

Final verdict: Overall, I'm a SKINS fan. They meet all my standards high quality, great fit, fun colors (if that's your thing) and a decent price point. Honestly, it's a steal of a deal for the quality gear they offer.

P.S. I get compliments on the Remote T Bar Tank and Distort Packable Lightweight Jacket every time I wear them.... just saying.

Sizing: I'm wearing a small in every item mentioned. I'm 5'"4  with an athletic build and weight 130 lbs.

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PSST:  Thank you SKINS for providing me with product to review. As always all opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting brands who help make this blog possible. Happy sweating! 

Friday, April 21, 2017

This + That

Happy Friday!

Life's been crazy busy between work and daily life. Needless to say the blog is always the first to suffer. Sometimes I feel like I have so much to say, but don't know how to put it on paper (i.e., this space) or just don't have the time or energy. Poor me... just joking. Just know I try to do it all, but sometimes I can't and things suffer. For instance this space, I have plans on what I want this space to become, but then when it comes down to time I'm working with clients, spending time with family or working out. Yeah relationships with friend's suffer too. It's not that I mean for it to happen. Oh and why is making mom friends the hardest thing in the world...

Moving on....

IG Stories vs. Snapchat
While I have snapchat I'm all about IG stories. Who has time for two apps! I have way more views via IG stories too. So basically I'm not wasting my time with snapchat any more. Do you have a preference?

I've always liked Kombucha and have been on a serious kick lately. It's become some what of a daily habit. Go to brands are GT's and Health Ade. Do you Kombucha?

Working with a Crossfit Coach
It's only been two weeks and he's working me. If you follow my IG stories you saw I've been working through a lumbar strain. All is good and I'm still hitting the bike hard. Check out this burner I did, among other things, on Wednesday.

Air Bike Cals 30, 20, 10
Wall Walks 6, 4, 2

People hitting 100g of protein a day isn't easy, to-do so I eat a protein bar and drink a protein smoothie daily! I dare you to track your macros one day and see where you land. I double dare you!

Anyway, GoMacro is a staple at our house. While every so often they hook a sister up, I buy just as many bars. #truth But what's important here is starting in May they are launching a give back program. Starting with my favorite bar!

The first of Give-Back-Bar is coming up fast... during the month of May, GoMacro will be donating 10% of total proceeds of specially marked Peanut Butter MacroBars to Farm Sanctuary — a national nonprofit dedicated toward rescuing and giving life-long homes to abused farms animals. This is a subject near and dear to our hearts, as GoMacro was founded on a farm in Wisconsin and is where one of the company co-Founders still lives today.

Have a great weekend and chat soon! 

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Top Mother's Day Gifts

When Emerson is older I hope she thinks I'm as awesome as I am today. I might be the mom who's super strict about bedtime and sugar, but I'm also the mom who goes with the flow, dusts her off and tells her she's OK. Let it be known she's one tough cookie who's equal parts sassy and sweet. I already know she'll be that athletic girl who's also super girly!

Anyway, I'm lucky to be her mama. While moms really should be celebrated everyday (it's hard job juggling daily life in general) there's one day earmarked just for MOM. Since May 14 will be here in a blink of an eye I'm rounding up my top Mother's Day gifts now!

Top Mother's Day Gifts

Really all we want is a day alone, a massage and a few hours browsing Target. However, a day with my two favorite people, maybe some friends and a BBQ with yard games would also do the trick. Clearly weather permitting in Tahoe because it can't seem to stay sunny longer than one day. #soreadyforsummer

Do you have any plans or Mother's Day traditions?

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Why I ditched Half my Wardrobe

Do you ever stare at your closet and think you have nothing to wear even though your closet is actually busting at the seems with clothes? Yay, that's me every time I have to wear something other than athleisure. While Emerson napped on Sunday I mixed things up. You guessed it, I cleaned out my closet and I mean I REALLY cleaned out my closet. I managed to thin it down by at least 50%. Yes, 50%!

If only my closet now looked like this....

It wasn't easy, but if it wasn't worn in it the last year - gone! It's amazing how clothes on my bed started to pile up. It actually feels good to look at my closet knowing it's full of pieces I will and do actually wear. I should note living in Tahoe means I need a wardrobe suitable for various weather temps, etc.

So what does it mean moving forward? The plan is to be more mindful of clothing purchases. Do I really love it? If so buy it. Do I really need it? Is it practical? Since I work for home I only need a handful of outfits to wear to client meeting, etc. Honestly, I could probably rotate the same 5-7 outfits and no one would be any wiser.

Practicing mindful shopping will [hopefully] help me create a wardrobe I love instead of a wardrobe I hate.

Once I decided I was going to get rid of something it went in either the donate, sell or toss pile. So where am I selling clothes? EBAY and Poshmark and I've been successful on both. The key is knowing your audience and pricing. If you're interested in Poshmark use code: PTGUE when signing up and receive $5 off your first purchase.

I also weeded out dingy, worn old clothes which means my favorite white tee (among other things) need to be replaced. Here's my working list...

Are you ready to really clean out your closet? Do you have a capsule wardrobe?

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Big Girl Room Inspiration

Saturday was a big day for Emerson. We converted her crib to a toddler bed! We keep calling it a "big girl bed" and she absolutely loves it. Our Nap time and bedtime routines are 10-15 minutes longer, but so far she's transitioning well. Our goal is to transition her to a twin bed by the end of summer.

With that comes planning a full on big girl room. I would love to find a vintage bed frame to refurbish or paint. For bedding I plan to find a solid color comfort to layer with one of her many quilts. Ideally the walls will stay gray and we'll stick with pink and teal accents. Things we'll keep include a gray glider, blanket ladder and shelves. I'm on the fence about the mid century modern dresser. I might swap it out for something a tad smaller so she has more room to play.

Until things really get underway I'll leave you with this sleeping beauty.

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Monday, April 10, 2017

Victoria Beckham for Target Picks

Happy Monday!

The Victoria Beckham for Target line launched yesterday! If you didn't know, now you know. I love everything about the line. Plus, it's Target so you really can't go wrong. Right?! A number of items are exclusively online so you'll want to snag your favorite pieces ASAP. I know I am.

Happy Shopping :)

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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Toddler Easter Basket Must Haves

Hello, hello! I can't hardly believe it's April! The sun might currently be shinning in Lake Tahoe, but NOAA is calling for snow this weekend... will it ever end?! Don't get me wrong I love the snow, but I'm a summer girl at heart. If I could only convince the hubs to move to the coast.

Enough about the weather, Easter is in less than two weeks! Don't worry if you're not ready there's still plenty of time to shop online.

Easter Must Haves
Living in Tahoe has made me a savvy online shopper. While I still love shopping brick and mortar, shopping online just makes life easier.

When it comes to Easter Basket goodies I like to use the opportunity to stuff it full of things Emerson needs. Typically, it includes spring/summer clothes, shoes, books, sunscreen, etc. I think Emerson's favorite part of her Easter Basket will be the sidewalk chalk. With the books a close second.

We bought Emerson a Magformers set at Christmas and she LOVES building little houses and knocking them down. The 14 piece set would fit perfectly in any Easter Basket and these headphones would be perfect for her Amazon Fire Kids Tablet.

There you have it some fun ideas for your toddler's Easter basket. Oh and instead of candy try Annie's fruit snacks or bunny graham crackers!

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