Friday, May 19, 2017

Random Thoughts for Friday

Happy Friday!

I don't know about you, but I don't know where the week went! Yesterday, during nap-time, I finally snapped some after pictures of our kitchen! Tune in next week for a full before and after post.

Last weekend was pretty mellow, but we did pick up a new kitchen runner from world market. Next on the list is a new living room rug and potentially a rug for under the kitchen table. Then there's always a couch and eventually I'll hang something on the walls. Our house looks like we just moved in...... you could say I'm a minimalist at heart.

Watching fixer upper makes me want to buy a house to gut and remodel -- while I'm not living in it. Oh, if I only had an unlimited budget. Maybe if blogged a little more I could make some extra spending cash ;)

Kid shoes... why are little girl shoes so darn cute! We actually just bought Emerson a pair of sneakers for school, but thesethese and these are on her list.

Emerson was crying yesterday because she wanted to go shopping (aka grocery store)....but girlfriend didn't want to put on pull-ups. We're pretty much potty trained (YAY), but still rock a pull-up during nap/bedtime or when we leave the house aside from preschool. Emerson is killing it. After she does her business she usually stands up and yells "I did it" then cheers/claps! So cute. Then she asks for a treat which is a Lara Bar bite, pretzels, or fig bar... Basically a special snack.

This weekend should be gorgeous and I'm looking forward to spending it outside.



  1. mini melissa shoes are my favorite! they are so cute!! and way to go on potty training!! we havent even started with vi! she's not interested yet :( xo jillian - cornflake dreams