Friday, June 2, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy June! Life needs to slow down I can't believe it's JUNE! Last weekend we enjoyed a few days  at the beach! You really can't beat this view. The water's still a tad too cold for swimming. Unless you're in the mood for an ice bath. Anyway I'm keeping it simple this week.

+ Do you ever feel mom guilt working out? Then you should read Who's Really the Selfish one?

+ I'm still getting antsy and feel the urge to travel, but now that it's summer it's just so hard to leave Tahoe.

+ We're getting closer to purchasing a new couch. I just need to pay off Q1 +Q2 taxes (yes I'm behind I had to pay a boat load for, I like to pay myself first) which will happen this month. Looking for a sectional too? You might want to check out Emily Henderson's recent post about 58 KID FRIENDLY SECTIONALS.

+ Speaking of money my hubby and I are totally savers and semi-minimalists. Anyone interested in me writing more about how we save money and live with less stuff?

+ However, I do enjoy (cough, cough) shopping and finding a good deal. I'm currently eyeing this Zara dress, these Block Heel Sandals, this shift dress, and these Madewell 7-Pack Stud Earrings.



  1. I have those 7-Day Pack Madewell earrings and love them! And I would love to learn more about how your guys live with less...I should take some notes! ;)

  2. I did not realize you live in Tahoe! I grew up in Placerville/Shingle Springs... I can understand why you don't want to leave!

  3. I feel the same way about traveling during the summer in illinois!! It's the nicest time of the year so I dont want to leave :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams