Wednesday, October 25, 2017

5 Tips for Raising a Healthy Eater

We all know there is a weight problem in America and it's up to us as parents to take the steps to fix the problem. We can start by teaching our children how to live happy and healthy lives.

For starters, the first two years of Emerson's life we did not give her any sweets. Yes you read that correctly no chocolate, ice cream, cupcakes, etc. People looked at us like we were weird, mean, fill in the blank. Trust me I heard it all, even from family. I didn't care because we were creating healthy eating habits.


How is it working out for us? So far so good! We've created a healthy eater for the most part. Emerson loves broccoli, salmon, chicken, eggs, etc. I chalk this up to starting to create healthy habits from the get go. Basically from the moment she had solid foods we gave her exactly what we were eating (obviously within reason).

Sorry but I wasn't about to make two meals. Mama doesn't have time for that nor did I want that to be a norm -- but hey if it works for you that's cool, but that wasn't our jam. Fast forward to today. She does get options when it comes to breakfast or lunch, but dinner is whatever mom is making.

Also, I should mention we've slowly started to introduce sweets i.e., cookies, muffins, ice cream, etc. Usually a bite or two is all she needs and guess what, she's not asking for more! Why because it's a special treat not a meal. To be honest there have been a few times she's taken a bit and said, "I don't like it." Sorry, but mom win!

5 Ways to Raise Kids with Healthy Eating Habits 

1. Feed your Kids what you are Eating (assuming you have healthy eating habits)
2. Don't introduce sweet treats the first few years
3. Offer fruit or veggie snacks instead of proceed packaged items
4. Variety is the spice of life
5. Get them involved in cooking early on

Rain boots 

There you have it. It worked for us and hopefully you'll find these simple yet effective tips somewhat helpful to you. Good luck. Have any questions about what we eat drop a note below or email me directly.

Disclaimer: Remember all kids are different. I NEVER label foods as good vs. bad. Oh, and always do what works for you and your family. No judgement if you don't agree with me. These are my opinions I not a RD, Nutritionist, healthcare provider, etc.


  1. LOVE THIS POST! My husband and I don't have kids {yet, but hopefully SOON} and healthy food choices are something we've always talked about creating. We eat pretty clean/healthy 90% of the time and are both adamant about creating healthy choices when kid{s} come around. Love the no sweets for the first few years, that's our plan.

    1. Thanks girl! I'm really happy we went this route.

  2. My two year old loves cooking in the kitchen with me!