Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Girls Weekend in San Francisco

There's something to be said about the bond girlfriends have. This weekend was spent touring around San Francisco with two friends from college (I even went to high school with one). While we all live in different parts of California and don't see each other too often we picked up right where we left off. Don't worry I won't get all philosophical about why girl trips are good for the soul I will tell you we had a blast and ate, drank and explored the city.

So, let's dive right in... just in case you are planning a weekend trip to SF.


We stayed at the G Hotel near union square. It was the perfect location. Near a ton of shopping if that's your thing. There are also a number of restaurants and bars as well. You can truly park your car and uber/lyft your way around the city and we did just that.


The Ferry Building is just a short walk from the G Hotel and is lined with various restaurants, etc. This is the perfect stop for a quick glass of wine and nosh after checking into the hotel but before dinner.

The first night we dined at lolo. All I have to say is it's AMAZING. From the atmosphere to the food lolo did not disappoint. Reservations are a must and I highly recommend a spicy skinny Margarita and the 'A La Diabla' Shrimp. While we tried a few tacos (mini) the 'A La Diabla' Shrimp was hands down the best dish we shared (IMO).

After dinner, we headed to the Tonga Room at the Fairmont hotel for a quick nightcap and old SF charm. You would never know this tiki bar even exists, but again it is a must do.

Breakfast at Outerlands

Saturday morning we drove to outer Richmond for brunch at Outerlands. I wanted everything on the menu but ordered the chili verde. Again amazing! The other girls ordered eggs in jail and skillet pancake. Which were equally as good. The homemade bread is to die for. Depending on the time there might be a long wait. We arrive around 9:30 a.m. and were seated within 15 mins.

Looking for something different Saturday night dinner was dumplings! Yes, please. We ended up at Dumpling Time and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for tasty dumplings in the city. No reservations needed. We arrived via an uber around 7 p.m. and were seated right away even though the place seemed packed! Make sure to order the Shrimp Goyza and Pork Bao.

The night ended at Marianne’s for a nightcap. It's cozy, swanky and reservations are a must.

Sunday we grabbed a quick bite in North Beach. Breakfast was good, but what was even better was the coffee we grabbed from Sight Glass beforehand. The roasting house is massive and the coffee is delicious. A tad on the pricey side, but worth it. Oh, and pick up a pistachio blackberry croissant to share.

After breakfast and before heading back to Tahoe we stopped by Victoria Pastry. Known for its desserts, this family-owned business has served the North Beach community since 1914! I picked up a few treats to bring home.


Aside from eating our way through the city, we explored various parts the city.

Saturday after breakfast we headed to the Lands End area for a little hiking and to check out the Sutro Baths. Unfortunately, it was a tad too foggy to see the Golden Gate Bridge.

The Painted Ladies

On our way back to the hotel we stopped by Almo Square to see the infamous painted ladies. Hello, Full House!

Sunday after breakfast we headed over to Crissy Field to see if we could catch a glimpse of the Golden Gate bridge. It was still somewhat foggy...

Unfortunately, I didn't get to do any shopping. Maybe next time....

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