Tuesday, December 5, 2017

11 Gifts for Cooks

Hello, it's me the healthy foodie. I get it not all foodies or people like to cook, but I do and you better believe there are a few kitchen tools and gadgets on my wishlist this year.

Oh, did I mention I'm cooking for 12 tomorrow. Yes, 12 ladies! I might have stress ate a few cookies last night. I ain't mad about it either. I think as women we put way too much pressure on ourselves to make everything perfect and delicious (thank you Pinterest & Martha). Then add the healthy expectations on top....ugh. What do I make that isn't one of my typical roasted veggie bowls with shredded chicken?! I finally landed on something last night around 10 p.m. after eating a cookie (seriously though). I hope everyone likes it. I'll report back later this week with more details.

Ok, talk about a winded side note, conversation, whatever that was; without further adieu here are my top picks for the foodie or home cook in your life.

11 Gifts for Cooks
1. Every cook needs a stand mixer in their life. Or try this hand mixer? I have and use both.
2. I love my slow cooker, but this Instant Pot Pressure Cooker gives you more bang for your buck.
3. Who doesn't love pizza?! Pair this pizza crisper with all the fixings for the perfect gift.
4. I've been making tons of cookies lately and think a cooling rack would be handy.
5. For the cookie lovers, pair a cooling rack with a cookie scoop! They're a game changer.
6. We have this OXO coffee maker. It's seriously amazing and looks slick on our countertop.
7. Waffles or pancakes? For the brunch-loving folks' gift a waffle maker with this waffle mix.
8. Baby, it's cool outside and this dutch oven is perfect for making soups all winter long.
9. Do you have a health-conscious friend? This food scale is perfect!
10. A Vitamix is any foodies ultimate kitchen tool, in my humble opinion. I use mine every day!
11. Measuring spoons make an easy stocking stuffer!

There you have it 11 gifts for the cook in your life.

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