Wednesday, February 28, 2018

In the Open: Thoughts on 18.1

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The CrossFit open kicked off last Thursday with a 20 min AMRAP of 8 toes to bar, 10 - 35lb Dumbbell Clean + Jerks and 12 calories on the rower.  Let's just cut to the chase -- it was a long grinder and typically would have crushed me, but all this training has really paid off.

After the announcement, I thought well that's going to be a long one... Then after watching the ladies complete the workout -- I said, "it's the never-ending AMRAP!" I mean it just kept going and going. 

In the past, this is the style of workout that would have crushed me, but not now. Going into this workout I knew where I needed to pace and where I could push. Basically, I'm short so I picked a pace to focus on and tried to hit every row. With the T2B it was only 8 so I focused on going unbroken for as long as I could. I surprised myself with the DB clean and jerks... They were easier than I expected. Again I focused on quick movements and keeping them unbroken. Things started getting hard around round 6/7. I ended up with 8 rounds plus 3 T2B. I'm happy. My goal this year is to have fun and see where I land. Since I didn't royally mess up I decided one and done. 

I actually liked this workout. The movements were all doable. You were able to really push without crushing your body. This is the type of workouts I would like to see more often in the open. It was truly programmed for the CrossFit community as a whole.

Are you in the open? How did 18.1 go for you?

18.2 is released tomorrow... Any predictions?

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Emerson Turned 3!

Guess what Emerson turned 3 last week and we threw her a party on Saturday! It was simple but perfect! I made a yellow butter cake with a fudge-like chocolate frosting, Emerson played with her friends and the weather was gorgeous. I would say it was a successful party and afternoon.

cakestand old (similar) / DIY'd Banner :)

We live on a double lot and the kids we racing across the yard. Over and over. It's amazing how the simplest things will keep 3-year-olds entertained.

Party of three for life!

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For her first birthday I made her a black bean cake, her second birthday I made chocolate chip muffins and for her third birthday, I made her a legit cake. You could say it was time. And it was good! Like I might have had a second piece after everyone left :)

Anyway, we had a blast and she's one spunky 3-year-old.

Emerson's table (similar / similar)
Happy Birthday to my sweet girl!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

2018 NorCal Masters CrossFit Competition Recap

Good Morning Party People! The last weekend in January I competed at the NorCal Masters CrossFit Competition. It's was legit. Not only was it two days it was heavy (for me), but I think I'm fully recovered. Well, at least the fog has cleared and I can think clearly again. HA.

Anyway, I placed 15th in my age group. Which is right in the middle of the pack. While some wouldn't be so happy with finishing 15th, I'm ecstatic. Why, because I've improved so much in the last year and it showed.

There were a lot of nervous leading into day 1, but after touching the barbell I knew it was go-time. Plus, it was all about having fun!

4 RM Thruster

Row 750 for time
rest 1 min
Row 500 for time

AMRAP - 9 minutes
150m shuttle run
10 53 lb KBS
5 pull-ups

immediately into 3 RFT (3 min time cap)

150m shuttle run
10 53 lb KBS
5 pull-ups

I was worried about heavy power cleans, but day 2 was way better than day one. It was the day I realized my training has really paid off. I had the stamina to keep pushing.

WOD 4 (13 min time cap)
Chipper 10, 8, 6 ,4 ,2
Power clean at 135 lbs
Toes to Bar
Alt 35 lb KB Snatches between each round 60 doubleunders plus 100m row

Run 800m with a 14 lb med ball
rest 30s
2 min max back squats at 105lbs

I loved every minute of it. I loved the energy on the floor, the ladies competing and the feeling of accomplishment I felt afterwards. It gave me the boost I needed going into the open. The venue view didn't disappoint either. I will definitely compete in NCM 2019.

Do you CrossFit?

Photo Credit: David Kafer Photography