Wednesday, February 28, 2018

In the Open: Thoughts on 18.1

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The CrossFit open kicked off last Thursday with a 20 min AMRAP of 8 toes to bar, 10 - 35lb Dumbbell Clean + Jerks and 12 calories on the rower.  Let's just cut to the chase -- it was a long grinder and typically would have crushed me, but all this training has really paid off.

After the announcement, I thought well that's going to be a long one... Then after watching the ladies complete the workout -- I said, "it's the never-ending AMRAP!" I mean it just kept going and going. 

In the past, this is the style of workout that would have crushed me, but not now. Going into this workout I knew where I needed to pace and where I could push. Basically, I'm short so I picked a pace to focus on and tried to hit every row. With the T2B it was only 8 so I focused on going unbroken for as long as I could. I surprised myself with the DB clean and jerks... They were easier than I expected. Again I focused on quick movements and keeping them unbroken. Things started getting hard around round 6/7. I ended up with 8 rounds plus 3 T2B. I'm happy. My goal this year is to have fun and see where I land. Since I didn't royally mess up I decided one and done. 

I actually liked this workout. The movements were all doable. You were able to really push without crushing your body. This is the type of workouts I would like to see more often in the open. It was truly programmed for the CrossFit community as a whole.

Are you in the open? How did 18.1 go for you?

18.2 is released tomorrow... Any predictions?

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  1. Way to go! I go to a gym that has some elements of Crossfit but we don't participate in the events. However, you are awesome for getting in your grove and getting it done! :)