Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Recent Purchases I'm Loving

Hi, my name is Tiara and I blog here! Yeah, I know I unintentionally took a blogging break. But just know your girl is still here counting macros, living the good life in Tahoe and kicking some serious business ass -- hence the radio silence even though I would rather spend more time with Y'all.

While that all sounds fun and dandy, you're here because you want to know what I recently purchased and love.  But first, a snap of my sweet girl admiring the flowers at Trader Joe's because it's her favorite place. Hello, mini shopping carts!

PATIO TABLE -- Well, after 7-ish years we finally bought a patio table! It's about time! Now I just have to decide on chairs.  We have some chairs from Costco we're using in the meantime, but I'm eyeing these chairs and this market umbrella from Target to finish it off. 

Slip-on Chuck Taylor -- I might be late to the game here, but I never claimed to be a fashion blogger :) Anyway I'm been spending money on me this month and I don't know why it took me so long to buy a pair! These VANS CLASSIC SLIP-ON are next on the list.

RTIC Cooler and Tumblers -- Becuase quality not overpriced :) Yup, I didn't buy a YETI. Sorry, but I couldn't justify the price. Call my smart or frugal... Anyway, I recently purchased two 30 oz tumblers and an RTIC Soft Pack Cooler - 40 and Sunday beach days just got better.

Summer Sandals -- Have you seen the TOMS sandals lately? Yeah, neither had I then I was like I need all of them. Anyway, I bought these and am eyeing these! Oh, and then there are these cute DV sandals from Target! I love sandal weather!

Cuisinart Food Processor with Spiralizer & Dicer-- Although I already had a food processor, it was like 18 years old! I'm not kidding you. It's a beast and still got the job done, but OMG this gadget does it all and I'm in love. I can't wait to make tons of zoodles, pesto, etc. this summer! 

JOJO'S CHOCOLATE BARK -- Because life without chocolate is boring and JOJO's is the best. Order a bag (or two) stat. BTW -- Don't forget to use code "TIARA10" for a sweet discount.

OXO Good Grips Cooling Rack -- Every baker needs a cooling rack and I love all things OXO. Worth it! In general, I like the OXO brand and the OXO On Barista Brain 9 Cup Coffee Maker is my favorite product from the brand.

What are you loving these days?


  1. I have a 15 year old Cuisinart that I need to replace right now. I replaced the bowl-top thingie last year but the replacement never fit correctly and then the whole thing broke. So this is on my replace list for sure. Thanks for sharing. Check out my blog on running and triathlon if you have a chance.

    1. I love that you've had yours for 15 years! Speaks volumes to the brand. Well for what it's worth I've had mine for a month-ish and still love it. I use it weekly :)

  2. A patio table is exciting!! When we first bought ours, we spent a ton of time out there having dinner or having some wine at the end of the day!

    1. Right! It's funny how the older I get I'm more excited about house items :)

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