Friday, July 27, 2007

Wakeboarding on Lake Tahoe

Wakeboarding in Tahoe is another must do when living here. It’s just another typical Sunday Fun-day in Tahoe.

Gone Fishing on Lake Tahoe

You can't live in Lake Tahoe without going fishing at least once! Well it only took us half of the summer before we took a trip with Captain Mike. Jes had the first bite and well we would have a picture of her fish, but before she knew it the fish jumped from her hands back into the lake and swam away. My fish weighed about 4 pounds while Nick had the big catch of the night with his fish weighing in at 8 pounds. We grilled them up the next night and they were mighty tasty.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Summer Days of Tahoe…

I love the winter, but summer is by far my favorite season of the year. So it turns out that Tahoe is just as fun during the Summer as it is during the winter, but there’s a lot more to do when it’s 75 and sunny everyday. Let's see so far I’ve gone on numerous hikes, seen beautiful sunsets, Fished, went parasailing, jet skiing, Wakeboarding, Kayaking, and oh yes geeked out at some of the historical sites around South lake. And yes, I ride my bike EVERYWHERE "we don't drive cars here, we ride bikes."





Since we don't have internet I'm at a coffee shop.....and it's closing so more pictures will come soon!!!!

Angora Fire

Back around June/July anyone who picked up the paper or watched the news saw that South Lake Tahoe was threaten by a massive fire “The Angora Fire.” Although I was fortunate enough to have not had to evacuate my home over 200 families were not and now are left with nothing. For more information on the fire and to learn how you can help visit: