Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A San Diego Homecoming

Every so many months I start to go a little stir crazy in the mountains, which will usually follow with the urge to take a little trip. Before heading for the good ole state of South Dakota Nick joined me for a weekend in San Diego. Those of you who have traveled the 5 freeway know the drive from Tahoe to San Diego is long, mundane, and has a view consisting mostly of various agriculture fields and cows.

Emily and GC were in town too, so we all met up for drinks Friday night in Encinitas. After a few drinks we grabbed a few more and wandered down to the beach. Kevin felt the ocean was calling out to us, which in turn meant we had to go for a midnight swim. Emily and GC sat on the beach as the three of us stripped down to our “panties” and jumped in. The night ended with Fillberto’s, a few more beers, and Kevin throwing his boxers around the streets Encinitas.

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