Monday, April 21, 2008

Planning, Packing, & Garage sales.

Its official I’m going to Italy! Now the tough part packing, planning, and budgets (the worst part of the planning). Working in corporate America (well working at a ski resort) I have a lot of down time for surfing the net. Especially since the season is pretty much over (we close the last lifts on May 4th).

Where to begin is the question. Once the plane ticket was booked it was like opening Pandora’s Box. I have my backpack now all I need to do is fill it. I have to think about vaccinations since I plan on traveling to Turkey and other countries where malaria is present. As I mentioned before, I still need to budget out my funds. Initially I’ll try to work as an English teacher making Euros to help cover some expenses, but you can only plan that to an extent from the states. I’m in the process of applying to the ACLE camps ( In the mean time to help with the travel fund Jes (my roommate) and I plan on having a garage sale to help support our traveling, she’s going to Zealand to Snowboard for the summer (well their winter) and as you know I’m going to Europe. We plan on selling all types of good things: handcrafted beanies, clothes, old snowboard gear, house goods, and well whatever else we can find to part with. Dates TBD.

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