Thursday, June 19, 2008

Day One Traveling

When I decided to visit Emily and GC in Italy for the summer no one told me it would take 24 hours from departure to arrival. Let me break it down:

5 am - wake up
6:15 am - depart for airport
7 am - arrive at airport for check-in
7:30 am - get in line for security
9:10 am take off
8:50 am (next day in Italy) - land in Rome
11:45 am - Jump on train to Bologna
5 pm - arrive in Bologna ( the train took twice as long as it should have)

Emily and GC were at the train station when I arrived, we booked a hotel and soon found out they were over booked, but would give us a room even if it wasn't at their hotel. We ended getting an apartment for the night for the same price.
Too much.... Welcome to Italy

After a nice hot shower we posed for a picture before heading out to dinner.

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