Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Meet the Parents

Nick and I have been together for well over a year now and up until last week I still had never meet his parents. Since we live in California and they live in South Dakota it makes it a little difficult for us to get together. 

Last week Nick’s parents flew to Tahoe all the way from South Dakota to visit. Unfortunately, I had to spend my days working while they were out having fun, but I was able to catch up every evening for the play by play of the day. 

Nick being the good son and tour guide took them on a drive around the lake, on a hike out to Eagle lake, ATVing  in the Carson Valley, to the ghost town of Bodie and even to the wild wild west of Virginia City… all in just five days.  They covered something like 1,500 miles while they were here.

Now it's my turn to visit SD and i don't mean San Diego...

Here’s a nice shot of Nick and I with his folks ready to push off on the MS Dixie II for a night full of dinner and dancing.

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