Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wood Splitting Time

As Winter is right down the road obtaining wood may be something on your mind, well if you decide to actually collect wood free of charge instead of buying a few cords of wood, you’ll have to split it yourself.

Last week on a random Tuesday, which I had off, Nick and I went to work splitting all the wood I had collected weeks prior. Eight hours and a wounded pinky later we were finally finished. And no it’s not like we were splitting wood with an axe; boy wouldn’t that be a sight! We actually rented a splitter from a woman in my neighborhood for only $50 bucks.

Nick Working hard....

We’re now in phase 3 of wood…the drying phase. All the wood is really green/wet and not ready to burn. While splitting the wood we made sure to spread it all out and for the past few nights I've hosed it down in hopes it will help the wood dry quicker. We would like to burn it this year. Every night I water my wood knowing it will not grow; however, I wish it would simply multiply.

All split and ready to be stacked.

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