Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Arizona Day 1: Montezuma's Castle

A few months ago Nick received a wedding invitation from an old college friend. When he asked me if I wanted to go I jumped at the chance. Who doesn't like weddings plus it gave me an excuse to spend some time exploring the great state of Arizona

Since Nick has so many friends still living in Arizona he headed down a week early, leaving me to fly into Phoenix. I flew in the day before the wedding giving us enough time to drive from Phoenix to Sedona, sightseeing along the way. The bachelor party was the night before which meant Nick was dragging a bit.  As we made our way up to Sedona Nick made sure to point out various plants and share his knowledge. Before I knew it we were pulling off to see Montezuma's Castle.

Montezuma's Castle

Montezuma's Castle is a National Monument, located outside of Camp Verde, AZ.  It isn’t really a castle, but houses built into the side of a cliff. Apparently they were built around 1400 A.D. and were occupied for nearly 300 years by the Hopi clan. As history has it no one knows where they went or why they left.

Montezuma's Castle (close up)

After we were done walking around the site we were back on the road. About another hour or so we were in Sedona. We checked into our hotel, walked around the shops, and had dinner at the Javelina Cantina before calling it a night. 

First pictures taken driving into Sedone, AZ.

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