Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dog Days of Summer

Some how I managed to keep my plant alive for the past year. It wasn't just any plant it was a fern! I found it difficult to keep it alive as it was touch and go for awhile during the winter. With my plant still alive this meant Nick would let me get a dog. Yes I'm a grown woman, but this was our compromise. With that being said, Saturday Roxy the German Shorthair Pointer became the newest addition to 1129 Carson. She's a lover!

She quickly learned where her food & water dish were, where her bed & toys were and where to potty. She seems to be a smart little pup so far. She already heads to the door when she needs to potty. Yeah and she's only 8 weeks old imagine that!

Next thing to tackle...the crate!

Roxy at her finest

Within the hour she learned where her food bowl was.

She loves the pheasant

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