Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Giants vs. Rockies

Sunday, August 30th I had the opportunity to check out a Giants game from a luxury box. The Giants were playing the Rockies and this wasn't any old game, it was a very important game. If the Giants won it would tie them up with the Rockies for the wild card to the playoffs. Needless to say everyone was on the edge of there seat in the 7th inning when the Giants were down 5-2 with the bases loaded and 0 outs when a grand slam was hit to put them in the lead. The Giants ended up winning 9-5! Thanks to Heavenly's Media Event I was able to see my first game at the AT&T Ballpark and to top it off from a luxury box.

The spread in the luxery suite!

View of the Bay Bridge from the Suite.

Giants up to bat down 5-2 mintues more like seconds later there was a Grand Slam!

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