Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tahoe Home Update

For those of you who are waiting very patiently for pictures of my new home, you’re going to have a wait a bit longer. Why, might you ask? We’re doing work and I’m sure everyone would rather see side by side before and after pictures. Trust me it will be well worth the wait. If you’re not following the blog start following it, because here on this little ole blog is where I will be posting the entire lot of house pictures along with some commentary.

I can tell you this:

1) There is not a fully functional bathroom at this point.

2) Carpet has been ripped out of the bedrooms.

3) Ceilings have been painted.

4) My dad is making his second trip up to Tahoe.

5) Wires are hanging out of walls.

6) We finally have a plumber and electrician locked in!! Big step here.

7) We are still weeks away from moving in.

Stay tune for further updates.

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