Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Kitchen Diaries: Part One

Sunday, after a nice little hike to Cascade Falls, while enjoying lunch, we thought why not tackle the kitchen cabinets.  Though we would love to tear the whole kitchen out, knock down a wall or two and replace everything from flooring to appliances, we know that's more the 5-10 year plan. So the question is what can we do in the short term to spruce up a kitchen stuck in 1959? Repurpose the cabinets of course!  And that's just what we did, around 1 p.m. we got busy emptying out drawers and taking off the cabinets doors.

The dreaded kitchen

Nick took down all the cabinetry while I hauled everything out to our workspace in the garage. Before I could get busy sanding all the holes were filled in with hardy man wood filler.

A few doors off and only a few to go
Everything cleared out
Once all the doors came off we bagged all the food and moved the dish-ware into the living room aka make shift kitchen.

Our temporary kitchen
I busted out our trusty Ryobi Orbit Sander and utilized the last bit of daylight, sanding all the drawers. 120 grit sand paper got the job done. I highly recommend purchasing a orbit sander if you already don't own one. It's super easy to use and does a decent job. I used the same sander on the farmhouse kitchen table we built.

Once 9 p.m. rolled around we decided to call it a night. Stay tune.....

Kitchen  to-do's:

  • Sand all the cabinets doors
  • Tape off the kitchen doors
  • Remove remaining wall art
  • Sand cabinets in the kitchen
  • Hand sand molding along the top of the cabinets
  • Prime drawers, doors and cabinets
  • Paint drawers, doors and cabinets -- two coats
  • Paint all the baseboards and door trim to match the newly painted cabinets
  • Purchase to pulls, knobs and hinges
  • Install new pulls, knobs and hinges
  • Install newly painted doors and drawers
  • Change box lighting
  • Purchase/ DIY blinds or curtains for window
  • Move all our goods back into the kitchen
  • Decide if we are changing the countertops
  • Decide on a back splash if we change out the countertops

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