Friday, May 4, 2012

Washer & Dryer Upgrade

A few weeks ago, the same day we flew out to Minnesota, our beloved LG front-load washing machine died. It was holding on by a thread for the last year, so it was really only a matter of time. Well we just didn't purchase just a new washer and dryer, we upgraded to steam! After some research we decided on the Samsung 3.7 cu. stackable front-load energy star washer and matching gas dryer from Lowe's. The nice thing about Lowe's -- free delivery and free haul away! Since the dryer still worked we gifted it to a friend of a friend who just purchased their first house.

Here's what our mudroom and washer & dryer once looked like...

They may not look pretty but they worked.

We've been busy dry walling and painting the mudroom, but more on that later. The new washer & dryer look great in our mudroom. Fresh paint doesn't hurt either.

New Samsung washer & dryer
These bad boys are fantastic. They're quite, efficient, and sing a nice little song when the cycle is done. Have you bought a new washer or dryer recently? Do you have the same model? Would love to hear your thoughts.


P.S.  The kitchen is shaping up nicely. Check back next week to see what we've been up to every night.

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