Monday, October 8, 2012

Top 3 Women's "Water" Shoes

Normally my gear reviews live over at, but today I'm sharing a Top 3 on this little old blog. Living in Lake Tahoe I find my summer weekends split between mountain biking and all things involving water from Lake Tahoe, to smaller alpine lakes around the basin or local creeks. Like any girl I have a plethora of shoes. The only difference, I live in toms, rainbows or shoes specific to some outdoor activity. This summer I spent a good amount of time in my water shoes, and yes I have a few pairs. :)

Women's Water shoes

3. Keen -Newport H2
They might not be the best looking, but I’ve been rocking these water shoes for the last three years. I received these bad boys as a gift before heading to Costa Rica in 2009. I only packed my Keens and my go to Rainbow sandals that trip. This shoe is the perfect for hiking, biking, river floating or just heading to the beach. My only complaint is if you’re in super sandy conditions you’re bound to end up with a little in your shoe.

2. Merrell - Barefoot Water Swift Glove
If I could go barefoot I would, but hey Merrell has the next best thing with these water shoes. Two reasons you’ll love them: one – they are so lightweight it doesn’t feel like you are wearing shoes, two – they have four fun colors to pick from. Personally I love Ash/Aqua.

1.Columbia - Powerdrain
Match made in heaven! These are my new go to water shoes. They are perfect for hiking to any alpine lake or any adventure you might cross some water. I even sported them in rocky parts at Angora Lake a few weekends ago. They fit like a glove and drain like a champ. Although they are available in various colors I love the Charcoal/ Clematis Blue and the price isn't to shabby either. Want more details, check out the full review here.

There you have it my top picks. However, I recommend the Columbia powerdrain hands down they are the best looking, price and all around performing. I even thought about rocking them during Tough Mudder. Added bonus --  you're bound to find a deal this time of year.


  1. Love this review! I needed water shoes a few weeks ago when I went kayaking! I really love the Merrell pair :)


  2. I really don't think I've seen any water shoes this fancy before. Fashionable? lol I love the Merrell's! I have a very long story about lack thereof of water shoes, we'll just say, dirty river, beer, punctured foot (no shoes), 6 day hospital stay and surgery... Yep that was my hubby a week before our 1 year anniversary. I'm pretty sure I didn't say that I was okay with this in our vows. ;)

    1. Ouch...I've learned lot about "functional fashion" (as I call It) since moving to Tahoe 6 years ago. Sounds like a story you can now laugh about and tell for years to come .... and now you have a great gift idea. :)

  3. so intersted post all ready like this in this summer when buying water shoes