Thursday, October 11, 2012

Watching the Grass Grow

Fall has officially arrived in Tahoe! Believe it our not it rained last night. And to celebrate I'm rocking some sweet tall boots today at work.

We're always working on the house and sometimes I forget to blog about house details. So today I'm traveling back to last summer and chatting about how we revived our front yard.

We live on a double lot, which means we have a massive front & back yard -- Roxy is in heaven! When we bought the house the grass was dead, since it was August and it would probably snow in a few months we didn't even touch it, plus we were busy remodeling the bathroom.

2010/11 was a long winter with record breaking snow fall, but once all the snow melted away we went to town. As you can see some grass was growing back, but it needed a lot of work.

My girlfriend Aly from Cultivating Concepts came over and helped with irrigation (below in the backyard),  while Nick and I took turns aerating the yard (above in the front yard). Then we seeded and fertilized over and over and over again.

By August our front lawn looked something like this!! We weren't sure how seeding would look since we have such a LARGE yard, but we're extremely happy we didn't spend the money on sod.

This spring we even created a few flower beds, see here.

Do you have a green thumb? Tips welcomed.

 xo, Tiara

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  1. What a gorgeous yard!! You did a lot of hard work but it definitely paid off! I love to do work outside!