Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ornament Swap Love

When Meg over at Henning Love announced she was hosting an ornament swap, I thought how fun. 

I was paired up with the lovely Lauren from Wayferes & Worksheets.
Don't delay go check out her blog today! She's east coast born living and dreaming in Cali. Oh and her race (running) "resume" is impressive too.

She sent the cutest/perfect ornaments for our tree! Of course before I thought about taking a picture I was already scouring the tree for the prefect spot.

Top: Aspen like sticks spell out Noel with a little pine cone, holly and pine needles.
Bottom: Two mittens with holly

Both look great on the tree and are very "Tahoe."

Thanks again Meg and Lauren!    



  1. Love your ornaments, super cute!!

  2. that noel is the cutest!! i love what lauren sent you and what you sent her in return, thanks for participating ladies have a great Christmas Tiara!