Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Belgium Brewery Tour

I've been wine tasting in Sonoma, Napa, and in Italy, but never toured a brewery! We couldn't leave Fort Collins, CO without stopping at New Belgium for a brewery tour! Initially we checked online for tour times and tickets and they were completely booked for the week. Even though we thought it was a long shot we decided to call and check for cancellations. They recommended coming down and checking in for "stand by" and just like that we were touring the brewery.

The tour is and hour and a half. You'll learn all about their beers and history while sampling various beers. It's free to the public 21 and older. Reservations required.

The trio out front.

The founders

Beer on tap

The love for bikes runs deep at New Belgium (and my dad).  Here's an old Schwinn Hornet.

When there's a cut out you can guarantee one of us will have our head in it! Nick the beer ranger :)

The barrels are very large. See photo for perspective.

Nick tasting the sour beer -- Lips of Faith Tart Lychee. They only produce a very small quantity. 
It's a combination of their barrel-aged sour beer, Lychee Fruit puree and cinnamon sticks. It was tasty.

There's even a rock climbing wall, volleyball court, and bike track. I even saw a ping pong table at one point too!

All the bottles lining up.

The sun talks about the solar panels and wind turbines they use to produce energy. 

Of course they had a chandelier made of cans! It represents all the beers that they can.

All in all, it was a fun experience and recommend it to anyone visiting Fort Collins, CO.


  1. A beer tasting sounds like so much fun! I've def always been more of a beer girl, so I think I would love it! And that lychee beer sounds amazing!!! Happy New Year!

    1. I must agree. As much as I like a nice glass of wine there's nothing better than a ice cold beer on a summer day or even after snowboarding :)

  2. I love brewery tours! If you are ever in Georgia try the Terrapin tour in Athens and the Sweetwater one in Atlanta. Your's looks like a great time too!

    1. Thanks Allison. One day I'll make it to Georgia!

  3. This has me wanting to fly out to CO now! I agree with the other ladies, on a hot summer day a cold beer is exactly what is needed!!