Monday, April 22, 2013

90 Day Challenge -- Six Week Update

It's been six weeks since I started my 90 Day total body transformation challenge! Last Thursday I had my second weight-in. The first weigh-in I nailed it and although I saw results with the second weigh-in it's time to really amp it up for the next six weeks. FYI, tons of helpful weight-loss details so hopefully you stay with me :)

Weight-loss: To sum it up I gained 1 pound of muscle in three weeks and lost .9% total body fat which is 1 pound of fat. I came in fifth this time time around, but not sure where I stand overall for the last six weeks. Just more motivation to work hard the next six weeks!


Height: Still 5'3"
Weight: 140 (3/1); 137 (3/28); 138 (4/18)
BMI: 30.6% (3/1); 27.9% (3/28); 27% (4/18)

Week one vs. week six!

Check out the progress over six weeks!
Week 1                                  Week 3                                      Week 6

As part of the weight-loss program the trainers provide us with healthy eating tips and seminars. Last week we discussed PH levels and eating for you body type. Basically if you want to see maximum results you need to fuel your body properly. No single diet works for everyone when trying to lose weight and our body type is genetically determined. Did you know our metabolism is predominately affected by one of the four glands?

Here are the four different "body types" and how to determine your type:

P-Type (Pituitary)
P-types have the most child like appearance of the four body types. They have large craniums and may have extra"baby fat" that is spread all over the body, not being concentrated in one place. An overweight P-type may have a "soft" appearance.
T-Type (Thyroid)
The Thyroid type is the most common body type. T-types tend to be long, with thin hips and wide shoulders in both men and women. T-types have a thin bone structure and small skull, and put on extra weight  in their hips and thighs.

A-Type (Adrenal)
Broad shoulders, well developed muscular structure, strong torso,extra fat in stomach or back. A-types have a large, squarish head with a well developed bone structure. 

G-Type (Gonadal) 
The G-type classification applies only to women, and G-types tend to have a very pronounced feminine body type:narrow shoulders and broad hips, with most extra weight in the thighs or buttocks.The traditional pear- shaped appearance.

I'm a G-type -- What are you?

So what does all this mean?  In a nutshell, once you know your body type you can change your diet to stop over stimulating your dominant gland and support and strengthen all of your glands. This balancing of your hormonal systems will help normalize your weight as well as increasing energy, reducing cravings and enhancing overall health.

 Examples of good foods
Good Carbs: Whole grains/brown rice, yams, Beans, Quinoa, sprouted toast, squash, jicama, parsnips and rutabagas
Good Protein: Salmon (fish in general), spinach, chicken and egg whites
Good Fats: Peanut/Almond butter, nuts/seeds, avocado

What "diet" works for your body type:

P-Type: Modified Atkins
T-Type: Paleo
 A-Type: Zone
G-Type: Plant based 

Workouts: Still on the same routine 

 I'm feeling so strong. When your pants start to feel baggy you know all the hard work is paying off and it makes you want to work even harder! I've started to notice more definition in my arms and abs. I'm even pushing my running and have noticed I'm going a bit longer and faster. Although I'm not where I would like to be it's all about baby steps and goals! 

 Are you trying to live a healthier lifestyle? I would love to swap notes and hear what works for you! Until next month. Occasionally, I'll post updates along with food and dog photos via instagram if you want to follow along. 


  1. Congrats!!! It's nice to see all that hard work pay off. Found you through the link up. Check out my blog for a stella & dot giveaway and join me this Thursday April 25 for my link up.


  2. Amazing work, you look fabulous!!!

  3. Looking great Tiara! We have the same body type...and this is SO motivating!! Keep up the great work!!

    1. Thanks Natasha! I can't wait to see what another 6 weeks brings.

  4. really amazing. in six week you have done a great job. keep up the good work and dont give up. you're doing really great.