Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Buying a New Car?

I've been talking about buying a new car for months probably even a few years now. I'm one of those crazy people in Tahoe that doesn't drive a 4x4 or Awd vehicle. I'm also proof that is can be done. Betsy (yes I named my car -- who doesn't) my awesome Toyota Rav4 turned 15 this month! That's right 15! It's not that I can't afford a new car it's that I love not having a car payment and there's nothing wrong with her other than being old. But it's time. I've narrowed it down to a Toyota or are the models:

My first one was so good to me why wouldn't I consider another. However do I really want the same car for possibly another 15 years?
Not sure if I like the price tag. Plus the gas mileage isn't that great
Toyota Highlander
If a 4runner and a Rav4 had a kid I'm pretty sure this is it.
From the photos is looks as though it was ment for Tahoe! It's a 4runner but a lot cheaper.

New vs. Used
I'm not sure that I necessarily want/need a brand spanking new car. I'm perfectly happy with a one to two year old vehicle with low mileage, of course.

So now I'm at a crossroad. I know I need to take the plunge and just pick a car, but I can't. I'm typically not an indecisive person so it frustrates me that I can't make a decision, ugh. I'm turning to you lovelies. Do you own one of the aforementioned  cars? What do you love what would you change. Do have a car you think would be perfect for me -- would love to hear your thoughts.

It's time for this lady to ante-up and buy a new to me vehicle.


  1. ohh I love car shopping!!
    It took me months to decide the car I wanted(I have a Prius, it's true love, I already decided I want a newer one in a few years!)
    I had a Toyota 4Runner in high school/early college, and loved it. It's just a great, dependable car! The VP at my company has a 2008 4Runner and loves it as well! But you're right, the gas mileage isn't great, and it feels narrow inside, if that makes sense? Like the roof isn't high enough or something.
    One of my best friends in CA had a XTerra, and he loves it! What I liked best about it was that it felt like getting into a car, no hoisting yourself up, just step in, but you felt like you were in a safe SUV.

    And I would go for a year or two old car, just because you save SO much by not buying brand new! If you can get a car that's fresh off a lease, those are the best! My boss had me find him a new Yukon last year that was fresh off a lease and it was less than half original MSRP!!

    Do your research and don't be afraid to go in with a list of cars you want to test drive!

    Good luck!

    1. Thanks for the tips Mallory. I never thought about buying a car fresh off a lease.

  2. go with any of the toyotas you won't regret it. my parents have been buying japanese cars for as long as i can remember and i continue to do so. i don't own either of the cars you mentioned so i can't help you there but go toyota

  3. It's not being biased or anything, but I personally believe that Toyota cars really does last longer than the other cars of the same caliber as Toyota. I've known a lot of people who are driving Toyotas that they bought already used and up until now, it's still working properly though there are issues that came with the age. Used vs. New - always the big question. For me, it depends on your budget. If you have enough money to buy a new one, then go for it. If not, there's a good used car out there that will last the same as your old one. Good luck!

  4. Those pictures are definitely one very convincing way to get someone to buy a car. I was, unfortunately, in a car accident and my car was deemed a total loss. So, I really didn't have a choice in whether or not to buy a new car. I'm currently on the search for a used car, preferably a used Honda Accord since they get good reviews. But, keeping my options open. I know Ford Focuses are also in high demand right now and I like that they're small.

  5. First question in which you have to consider is how big is your family? Aside from that, you'll have to compare not just two cars, but more than four would be decent. Compare it's mobility, mileage, price, and most of all its fuel efficiency. Also, there are always PROs and CONs when buying used cars; things like less insurance and transfer ownership process problems. However, used cars are cheap, and if you're lucky, you'll end up buying a car that will be with you for more years to come. Just think wisely when buying, and know all the possibilities.