Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I want to ride my bicycle

Happy May 1st!

Did you know May is national bike month? And bike to work week is May 13-17? In Tahoe it's in June so I still have plenty of time to prepare for the daily trek -- all 8 miles. Hopefully the weather will be nice.

As the weather warms up in Tahoe it means summer is nearly here and it's time to dust off the bikes and other summer gear. I'm especially ready for mountain biking -- which I plan to do more of this summer. 

Yes, I own three bikes and yes I ride all of them.

Here's the line up {left to right}

Specialized Myka Expert HT 29er
 Function: Mountain Biking

I acquired this bike two years ago this summer and will never purchase another mountain bike with 26" tires again. I love how effortless (sometimes) this bike is climbing a trail. They may not make this bike anymore but you can find a similar one here, here or here.

For my full review visit here  and biking adventures visit here.

1948 Firestone Super Cruiser
Function: Super cool bike for cruising around town or to dinner

My dad restored this sweet bike last year for my 30th birthday. It even has a built-in horn and headlight.

Trek Hybrid Alpha 7500 (I've had it since College)
Function: Riding city streets, to the beach, events or grabbing drinks -- and yes I have a basket for the front.

This bike has been through the ringer and I've crashed on it a few times. oops. You can find similar options here and here.

Now, I just need to add a road bike to the mix!

How many bikes do you own?


  1. I don't own any bikes but I'm DYING to have one!! I'm a certified spin instructor though, does that count towards something?! :)
    And just so you know... I'm SERIOUSLY craving ice cream and french fries. So thank you for that, ha ha!

  2. I've been thinking about getting a bike to ride around Portland this Summer.... love that picture of you in the middle above with the peace sign :)

    1. Thanks! You should get a fun cruiser. I try to not drive and only ride my bike on the weekend during summer months. You're exercising without even realizing it and saving gas $$... double win!

  3. i wish my town had a more bikeable route. i'd love to ride it to the grocery store, to get coffee, just to get around in general :)

    come enter this giveaway i am hosting from rendi! they're a sweet new charitable decor company :)

    1. That is hard if your town isn't very "bike friendly" it might be something to suggest to your elected officials.