Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial + Birthday Weekend Recap

It's Wednesday and I'm back to the grind after a five day weekend! It was a long over due trip home and full of BBQs, shopping, the beach and R&R.

I've learned over the years how to time the trip south just right and you better believe we didn't hit any traffic in LA. We were on the road Friday to San Diego by 5 a.m. Here's a little how our long weekend went.

On the way down we picked up my Dad in Long Beach and headed to Fladeboe Honda in Irvine -- Where I bought myself the best birthday present ever! A new to me car --2010 Toyota Rav 4.

Saturday we went for a nice three mile run along the coast in Carlsbad, CA. I could move back home tomorrow... anyone want to hire me :)

Post run we headed to Naked Cafe for a quick breakfast.

Sibling love!

Since I wasn't too hungry post run I opted for the blackberry banana smoothie and added spinach from some greens. It was delish.

Of course we followed breakfast with some time poolside before the BBQ started. My mom and Micheal's backyard is amazing! Very resort like and it even has a salt water pool.

Sunday I took advantage of the sales a the Carlsbad Outlet Mall before heading back to my Dads. Oh and guess who now wears a size 26 jean? That's right this girl!

Roxy didn't mind relaxing on the front porch and guarding the house while we detailed my old car, Monday at my dads. It's now ready to be sold... anyone looking for a used car?

Oh I also picked up a new pair of Nike running shoes.

That's it folks -- Tuesday morning we were back on the road to Tahoe at 5 a.m. I'm looking forward to another short week and a weekend at home.

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    1. Thanks I couldn't believe that I had to ask for a smaller size and then they fit!

  2. what a great weekend!! and congrats on the Rav!! I had one and upgraded to 2013 Rav this past Jan...LOVE those cars!!

    1. Thanks! I love it too and would buy another when the time comes

  3. Sounds like a blast! Thanks for sharing the adventure with us! Thiago |