Wednesday, June 26, 2013

90 Day Challenge -- Final Results

Last week was the final 90 day challenge weigh-in and the results are in! Need to catch up check out my starting weightthree, sixnine and twelve week updates.

Weight loss:
I lost another 1% of body fat since the last weigh-in and a total of 7.5% body fat over the last fourteen weeks!

The before and after photos show the hard work I've put in.

Week 1                                                      Week 14

Height: 5'3"
Weight: 140 (3/1); 137 (3/28); 138 (4/18); 139 (5/10); 132 (5/30); 132 (6/18)
BMI: 30.6% (3/1); 27.9% (3/28); 27% (4/18); 27.25% (5/10); 24.1% (5/30); 23.1 (6/18) 

I continued to follow the macro nutrient manipulation for my body type. There may have been a veggie burger, champagne and ice cream -- but all in moderation.

Over the last two weeks I continued to spin, walk and workout with a trainer during the week. On the weekends I enjoyed hiking, biking and working on the house.

I'm proud of myself for sticking with it, amazed at the results, and only want to push myself further.
 Skinny Tastes good!

Drum roll...... overall I came in third place!

Even though I didn't win the grand prize I'm still a winner -- I lost the weight. Seriously though, I won a spa package -- not bad for third place.

What's next:
Although the competition is over you can still find me hitting the gym at 6 a.m. Monday through Friday -- I'm a crazy morning person. I have not been working out with a trainer, but plan to start again in August. Now the goal is to maintain and drop another 7 lbs. I'll be back next month with a "lifestyle" maintenance update.

Have any questions? Ask away.


  1. Wow! Amazing job! Motivational! I need to start working out again, before all goes crazy : )

    1. There's no time better than now. You got this!

  2. wow girl you look amazing. I miss spinning, i use to go 3 times a week.


    1. My spin instructor convinced me to join the challenge and because of her I'm grateful.

  3. Wow you look awesome! Keep up the good work, even after the challenge is over!

    1. Thanks, I think the "what now" will be the real Challenge. So far so good!

  4. you look amazing!!! Work it gurl!

    1. Thanks Tori. It's amazing what you can do in just three months.

  5. Awesome! You look great and your stats are so eye-opening. It's a nice reminder that what is going on beyond what we can see (like BMI) can be hugely impacted by making lifestyle changes that still allow for fun and freedom. Well done, girl! :)

  6. DANG GIRL!! You looked good before but not you look even better. That's so impressive, great job! This motivates me to get my crap together. I have a month until my bday and I'm having a big party. I keep thinking it's too late to lose lbs but I can still make a difference in 4 weeks.

    1. Thanks! It's never too late -- you'll be amazed at what you can do in four weeks. Once I had a routine down it made workouts easier. Nailing the diet was a big hurdle for me too. I also started declining after work meetups, but my friends totally understood and were so supportive! You got this!