Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Currently Loving

Can you believe we're halfway through the month? It's crazy, I know. I've been crazy busy at work, workouts have been intense, and I can't wait for Whole30 to be over so I can enjoy a tall glass of wine. In the meantime here are few things I'm currently loving.

The perfect puffy! Warm, fitted and lightweight. This has been my go-to jacket this winter. It also makes the perfect layer under a rain jacket or snowboard jacket.

Hands down my favorite meal so far during whole30. I've made it every week!

All Girl Shred Days
See below. We just know how to have a good time. Rocking air guitars at Northstar at Tahoe Sunday.

Ralph Lauren Tech Wallet (similar)
Over the last few months I've been on a mission for a tech wallet/clutch. Well, I just picked up an emerald green Ralph Lauren tech wallet at TJMaxx for $28! Can you say score!? Originally, I purchased one from target, but ended up returning it. There's just something I love about a nice leather wallet.

Rain, snow or sunshine -- I'm in love.  I get compliments every time I wear these boots. They're perfect paired with skinny jeans or a dress. 


  1. you are the second person I know who is on Whole30...I would love if you did a post about it!

    1. There will be a full recap coming soon. I'm on day 21! Almost done :)