Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

nordstrom sale

My love for Nordstrom and a good sale runs deep like any woman. So when the anniversary or half-yearly sale rolls around you better believe I'm jumping up and down and ordering a few items. I wish I could walk into a Nordstrom, but unfortunately I would have to drive 2+ hours. Shopping from the couch isn't that bad. I probably end up spending less ;)

I could picture all these items in my closest, but I'm sticking to three. Can you guess which ones? Although I haven't pulled the trigger the jacket, boots and watch will soon be mine!

What are you loving at Nordstrom?


  1. i love that purse, like seriously love that purse. i need to stay off the nordstrom website until the sale is over

    1. Good call. I'm secretly happy I just can't walk into a store :)

  2. Those boots!! Love all things Frye!