Friday, October 17, 2014

Bump Update // 25 Weeks

How far along: 
Exactly 25 weeks today! 

Baby's size:
Our peanut is the size of an cauliflower. About 13.6 inches and 1.5lbs.Just crazy!

Weight gain: 
Roughly 11 pounds. Right on track. I think it's all going to my butt.

Food cravings:
Sorry, not much to report here. However, never send a hungry pregnant woman to the store. Unless it's sample day at Costco.

Sleeping great! Only waking up once in the middle of the night..
Team Pink  {reveal

More everyday. She's really active after working out. Future athlete in the making.

 Best moment this week:
Having a quiet weekend without any visitors. Becoming a Fitfuential Ambassador!

Miss anything?
I'm starting to sound like a broken record here -- glass of wine, seasonal beer, sushi and breathless workouts. With the holidays quickly approaching it's going to get even harder.

Had the sniffles the other week. Figured out that my body isn't use to greek yogurt any more earlier this week. Had a burn in my throat afterwards. I was just trying to introduce the baby to dairy other than ice cream and mix up my afternoon snack. Back to no dairy (for the most part) I guess.

CrossFit, spin and walking/running. I'm still logging up to seven gym workouts a week. I'm just trying to maintain.  Fingers crossed I'll be able to maintain working out for the next 15 weeks.

My "Pregnancy" Workout Schedule 

Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday
1 hour of walking at an incline of 3-5 and 3-3.5 pace
15-30 pushups and 30-50 air squats (I usually do these at the end of the day while I'm watching TV)
If I'm feeling crazy side planks and pulls-ups

In the morning my workout includes a 30-45 minute treadmill warmup -- walking/running depending on what feels good -- then 50 minute spin. After work I head to CrossFit for the WOD -- I modify whatever movement I need  to.  Last night was 1,000m row, 50 thrusters and 30 pull-ups for time.

Depending on how I'm feeling maybe a quick circuit followed by a 50 minute spin session Saturday morning. Definitely a few dog walks, maybe a hike or bike ride and lots of stretching.
I posted this photo on instagram last week. Me pre-pregnancy (March/2014) vs. 24 weeks and about to head to the gym at 5 a.m.

Maternity Clothes?
 Yes and no. I've bought a few pieces, but still find a good amount of my clothes still work. Honestly, I need to buy more workout gear -- specifically pants. Most of my tops still work, but pants are just feeling too tight across my belly. 

Overall, happy. I did cry last week when we decided to push the kitchen remodel back because we can't find a contractor to take on the project! It's been a frustrating few weeks. They're either too busy or just not interested.

Looking forward to:
Decorating the baby room! The crib was ordered last week. Now we just have to clear out the room, pick a paint color and start picking out all the other elements. I can't wait to share what I'm refinishing for the room. Hint: It's actually mine from when I was a child! It's amazing what we (more like parents) hold on to over the years.

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  1. So cute! Go team pink! Our daughter was born in June!

  2. You continue to look awesome! Love your registry picks too!!

    1. Thanks! It's definitely overwhelming. I feel like you don't really know what you need until the baby comes.

  3. You are going to have one fit babe!! You go mama with all your workouts - you're amazing!!!