Wednesday, November 26, 2014

His Christmas Wish List 2014

His Christmas Wish List

The last few years "His" gift guide was a combo of my hubby's picks and what I thought he might like. This year I completely let Nick make his christmas list (for the blog). This is what I gathered from Nicks list -- gift cards for clothes and golf/fishing gear. So what is he in the market for?

The hubby really got into golf this year. He actually uses my clubs. I love him, but it's funny when he pulls out the putter with a hot pink grip. It's time he starts building his own set. He's starting with a driver and putter. He's also in the market for shoes, gloves and some new clothes.

He's my outdoorsman and really enjoys fishing year round. A few items he's looking to add to the mix include: float tubewaders, retraceable fishing pole and auger extension -- among other things. 

Gift cards
Some people may think that gift cards are a bit impersonal, but for my guy they are perfect. Honestly this way he can pick out the exact fishing and golf gear he wants and likes.

The hubby had clothes on his list, but no direction. HA! I picked out these GAP pjs. They'll be perfect for the late night diaper changes :) I know he could use a few new t-shirts, shoes, and a hoodie/soft shell or puffy jacket.  I think he would look good in this, this, this and this.

What's on your man's wish list this year?

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