Monday, November 24, 2014

My San Diego Baby Shower

Yesterday was Baby M's first baby shower. My mom and step-mom hosted a beautiful lunch. Our baby is truly loved. Get ready for the photo overload -- you've been warned ;)

Clearly we're having a girl. The decor looked amazing and was full of fun DIY touches. My mom made the diaper tower -- how cute is that! One of the games was the "price is right." The goal was to guess what the total cost of everything was.

There were DIY details everywhere. How cute is this banner. 

Pom-poms and baby clothes!

The diaper station -- guests could leave a funny message or draw a picture for a good laugh later.

Baby's first piggy bank and college fund.

Drink station

The food was amazing and there were tons of "healthy" options.

With the two hostess with the mostess.

My sister and I.

Friends since middle school.

We received so many thoughtful gifts. I feel extremely lucky to have amazing people in our lives.

Baby UGGs!!

I've heard you can never have enough diapers...

If you follow me on instagram I'm sure you saw who she'll be cheering for!

I'm extremely thankful to have had a beautiful shower in my hometown. Our baby is definitely loved and she doesn't even know it yet. Opening all the adorable and girly clothes made it feel a lot more real. This girl is coming in two and a half months (fingers crossed)! I can't wait until everyone gets to meet her.

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  1. Oh my gosh, your baby shower looks SO CUTE!! Your family did an amazing job :) And you look beautiful, excited for you guys!! xoxo

    1. Thanks. I think my mom is excited about a baby girl ;)

  2. Oh what a cute party!! Love all the decorations!! Congrats!!

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