Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Fit Pregnancy // Staying Hydrated

Drink More Water

When I first met with my doctor after finding out we were expecting she stressed the importance of staying hydrated. Her recommendation was at least 2 liters or roughly 68 ounces a day. It doesn't seem like much. However, I can tell when I haven't had enough water throughout my day. Plus when you drink the occasionally cup of coffee, workout and live at elevation you need to increase your water intake. WOW -- You can imagine how much water I'm drinking to stay hydrated! On average I try to drink at least 3-4 liters a day. I'm not taking a tally, but I keep a 20 oz water bottle at my desk and try to fill it up hourly. Some days are better than others. Side note: a regular pint glass would work, but I go through it way too fast.

With that said, I own a number of water bottles. If you're in the market here are just a few worth checking out. (Left to Right)

Hands down my favorite water bottle as it will keep your drink cold or hot for up to 24 hours! Win-win in my book. Hydro Flask offers a variety of sizes and even a growler for beer. Which would make a great gift for the beer drinker in your life. 

The perfect water bottle for your desk. It's glass making it easy to clean. Plus it looks nice. Lifefactory also makes baby bottles -- which we registered for. 

We're lucky enough to be able to drink water straight from the tap. No filter needed in Tahoe. Yes, our tap water tastes that good! However, that isn't the case for everyone. The Bobble water bottle filters your water as your drink it! Making it perfect for someone on the go/traveling because you never know how the water will taste. Tip: Check out your local TJ Maxx -- ours has had Bobble water bottles in stock the last few weeks.

I've started to faze this water bottle out, but still use it at the gym as you don't have to unscrew the lid.
The one, the only, the original water bottle in my life. When I first moved from LA to Tahoe I joined the masses and bought a Nelgene. This particular bottle holds 1 quart/4 cups. However, the wide mouth can be funky to drink from so I recommend purchasing the easy sipper insert.

A classic stainless steal water. If you're worried about plastic (even BPA free) this is the bottle for you. They offer a variety of sizes and interchangeable caps. Go for the sports cap for easy usage at the gym.

Alright, now you have some decisions to make. I personally would never buy a water bottle less than 20 oz, but it's up to you to figure out the right size.

Stay Hydrated!


  1. I just bought a Hydro Flask - I've heard such great things about them!! I cannot use a hurts my throat that weird?! Haha

    1. Hope you love it! I completely understand what you're saying about the Camelbak.