Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Five // Currently Loving

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I'm looking forward my three day weekend and getting some things done around the house and in the nursery.

Whole Baby -- Swaggable + Whole Foods brings you healthy and organic baby products! Come on you know Whole Foods is my jam so why wouldn't I love it. Well, I've been testing it out since early December and it's a pretty great concept. Currently Whole Baby is only open to moms in the Nor Cal/Reno area, but Swaggable is open to all moms. It's free to sign up.

How does it work? Whole Baby helps parents and parents-to-be discover new products relevant to their needs. You pick products you would like to try and Whole Baby/Swaggable will periodically send out samples to try as well as offer exclusive discounts and coupons.

Last month I received a tube of Waxelene and its been my favorite lip balm since! I have three Weleda products on the way to try next. More details on that later.

Showtime anytime! Anyone else loving House of Lies? Over the holidays we binged on seasons 1-4 and are hooked. Season 5 just started this week. I'm also loving Homeland and Shameless! With the baby only a few weeks away this app is perfect!

All things baby. Yup you could say I'm finally "nesting." Ha I guess better late than never. I bought the little miss Muffin the Moose and the baby dog thought it was for her. Silly dog. My sister can't help herself either -- she bought the little miss additional bedding from pottery barn kids.

These days I'm living in my TOMS. I'm in the market for a new pair and am I'm thinking about these or these.

Paleo pancakes! I know I just made these earlier this week, but I'm already craving them again. As I mentioned yesterday all I can think about these days is food!

What are you loving? 


  1. ohh i need to check out swaggable-- sounds fun! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

    1. I found so many organic brands I didn't even know about!

  2. I LOVE those TOMS. Is it weird that I actually don't have a pair? Probably. :)

    1. Girlfriend it's time you buy a pair! I love their wedges too.

  3. Absolutely loveee those Toms... The Aztec print is amazing!