Monday, April 27, 2015

Baby Gear // 0-3 Month Favorites

Baby Favorites // 0-3 Months

Where oh where has the time gone! I seriously can't believe the baby girl is three months! It also means my days at home are numbered. Cue me crying big fat alligator tears. I either need to start playing the lottery or figure something else out stat. I have a feeling it's the ladder of the two. Anyway, over the last few months there's been some baby gear hits and misses. Hits include...

We used this in lieu of a traditional bassinet. Girlfriend loved it and we're currently working on transitioning from the rock-n-play to the crib. Note: If you choose to have the baby sleep in your room rotate the direction they sleep each night to help prevent flat head.

Adjustable Swaddle/ Swaddle Blanket
When Emerson was really little we used the Summer Infant SwaddleMe Adjustable Infant Wrap and she slept like a champ. Around 10ish weeks we switched to a sleep sack. I also covered the baby girl every night with a swaddle blanket. I love the Lulujo Baby Bamboo Muslin Swaddle Blanket. It's so soft and lightweight. You can read my full review here. We also have the oh so popular aden+anais swaddles and they are nice.

Your baby will live in footed pajamas! I prefer a zipper to snaps. They make midnight changes way easier.

Boba Wrap
If you plan on baby wearing the Boba Wrap is a must. There are a number of wraps out there to choose from, but I like how durable and soft the material is. Wrapping baby keeps them close to you and you're hands free! I used the wrap to walk with the baby daily. Emerson also passed out as soon and I put her in the wrap. Winning.

Natasha from Schue Love originally turned me on to these mittens and she was right. They are the best...they never fall off. They are definitely on the pricer side, but worth the price tag. You might want to buy a few.

Healing Balm
Emerson didn't have diaper rash, but her skin was a little irritated the first few weeks. After a few days of using Honest's healing balm it was gone.

Nursing Pillow
It's not my Breast Friend, but it gets the job done. I feel as though the older Emerson get the more I like the Boppy. It was awkward at first because of her size and well trying to figure out the whole breast feeding thing. The point is you need a pillow you just have to find one that works. I have the Boppy, but feel it would be worth trying My Brest Friend or Dr. Brown Nursing Pillow

Hoodie Towel
Bath time should be fun, enough said. See my full review on ZOOCCHINI here.

Bath Tub
The first few baths were in the sink. Then Nick's mom bought us the best tub every. It's like a baby recliner in the tub. What I like most is that it will be easy to transition to the tub full time when she old enough.

Baby Bouncer
Think baby recliner that also vibrates. Emerson loves this seat! I keep it in the living room and put her in it to sleep and just relax. She also chills in it while I'm in the shower or getting ready for the day.

When we came home from the NICU Emerson was only on the bottle and we had to introduce the boob. These bottles were perfect up until 9ish weeks when she decided she didn't want the bottle anymore. ugh.

Car Seat
No brainer. You need a carseat. I personally like this one because it's neutral and easy to use.

Diaper Bag
Picking a diaper bag can be overwhelming. Plus, you don't really know what you'll like or need until you start using it. I love this bag, but also wouldn't mind a smaller bag for days I'm just running errands.

Honorable mentions go to burp clothsSkip Hop Play Mat and Diaper Genie. Misses include the Philips Avent Soothie Pacifier -- girlfriend just doesn't like it. We have the tradition changing pad with cover and liner, but next time I would buy the Keekaroo Peanut Diaper Changer. It's pricer, but all you have to do is wipe and go! I'm thinking less laundry. I should mention that we have the Bob Stroller, but didn't use it at all until yesterday. However, I'm sure it will be a 3-6 month favorite.

What were some of your 0-3 baby favorites? What should I check out for the next three months?


  1. Great list! Our baby is 4 months old now and the Rock N' Play was such a lifesaver for us. We now have her in a Pack N Play in our room and plan to transition her into her crib in the next month. We started buying some toys for her and she really likes them. Here are some of them:

    Pingko Playmat -
    Baby Einstein Tunes -
    O Ball -

    Hope your LO enjoys!

  2. great list! i have that strawberry onesie and it's one of my favorites -- so sweet! we have a rock n play too and we love it! xo jillian

    1. It's the cutest! It's so hard not buying baby clothes!

  3. What a great list!!! I love the bath tub and changing pad...two things I've never seen!! Here's my list of 3-6 month products, and you are right...the Bob will get a LOT of use in the future! Cam is almost three and still tolerates it. ;)