Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Emerson Quinn // A Birth Story

I toyed with the idea of not sharing our birth story as it's a special and private time in ones life. However, I enjoyed reading other birth stories leading up to our delivery. Although our delivery wasn't smooth it had a happy ending. With that said, I thought it might be helpful to others. You should know this is a birth story that didn't include an epidural or photos. Whether you're pregnant or not read at your own risk.

Emerson was born at 12:39 a.m. on January 29th, but in hindsight I started having contractions Monday night, January 26th. Monday was like any other day I went to the gym, then work and then spent the evening relaxing on the couch. I remember telling the hubby at one point during the day I felt really dizzy and nausea, but it didn't last long so I thought nothing of it. Around 11 p.m. the pain kicked in. From that point on I was up every other hour either going to the bathroom or pacing. Walking circles around my house helped.

Again on Tuesday morning I went to the gym. It took all my effort to make it through the 6 a.m. spin class. At this point the pain had stopped so I went to work. Throughout the day there were moments I just didn't feel right. I even told my boss I thought the baby would be here before the end of the weekend. Later that night the "contractions" started in again. Maybe they were braxton hicks. Once again I was up all night. This time I probably slept a total of two hours. I remember walking into our bedroom at 2 a.m. in tears because I couldn't sleep. I also remember waking Nick up to tell him to get ready this baby was coming in the next 24 hours.

Wednesday morning around 7 a.m. I sent my boss a text telling him I would be working from home because I was so uncomfortable. I actually had my 40 week appointment later that afternoon too. With the contractions coming quicker I called my doctor's office to see if I could be seen earlier, but they told us to head straight to the hospital.

Luckily my doctor was on call that day and she helped us get settled (Hello small town). A L&D nurse checked to see how far along we were at about 9:30 a.m. and unfortunately I was only 2 centimeters. They had us walk the halls and checked me again in an hour. Since there wasn't any change they actually sent us home. We were told to go to our appointment later that afternoon, but said I could come back at anytime.

While at home I took a nice warm bath which helped tremendously with the contractions. Nick had lunch and I tried to not focus on the fact I was in labor. I managed to stay at home until 2 p.m. before telling Nick I couldn't take it any longer. There were definitely some big alligator tears. You have to remember I didn't really sleep the two nights prior. Once back at the hospital we found out I had progressed nicely and was at 4 cm. At that point we were admitted and started to prepare to have a baby.

Our nurse was amazing. She asked if we had a birth plan and we said, "as natural as possible." She never even mentioned an epidural. Around 4 p.m. my doctor came in to check and see how things were progressing. At this point the contractions were strong. Well it's because we were at 6 cm! About an hour later I asked the nurse if I decided I wanted an epidural when did I have her let her know. She responded with, "if you can make it another few centimeters you can make it all the way." Between the nurse and Nick they helped me focus on my breathing and didn't judge when I had to yell it out. Yup, never thought I would be a yeller, but some of those contractions got the best of me. I even labored in the shower for about 45 minutes! Ladies the shower and tub are where it's at .

What's nice about our hospital is you labor, deliver and recover in the same room. Each room even has it's own bathroom and pull out couch for the dads!

Over the next few hours I labored in the shower, on the birthing ball, standing, in the bed and even walking around our room.

At 6 p.m. my doctor checked me again. I was about 8 cm. At this point she broke my water. This is when everything started to get really fuzzy and becomes a blur.

Over the next few hours I was given pitocin because the baby was getting stuck on my cervix. To help with the extra pain the pitocin brings on I was given some pain killers through an IV. Oh and then I started throwing up. Just lovely! I was surprised since I hadn't eaten anything since breakfast and I didn't have much at that.

Around 9:30 p.m. it was time to start pushing. What a relief! The bad part was the clock was on the wall behind my doctor so I could just see the hours creep by.

I was in and out of it at this point and practically falling asleep in between pushes as it neared 11 then midnight! I even asked a few times how many more pushes... yes, I knew they predict how many more.

At midnight my doctor knew she had to get this baby out. I had been pushing for way too long. She mentioned something about suction and I said whatever it takes.

This wasn't pleasant... I'll leave it at that. Once everything was set up on the next push she tried to pull the baby out. The suction popped off. Then she tried again and again it popped off.  On the third attempt the baby came right out!

I remember...
+ The whole room in shock because she was sunny side up. Which is why I was having such a hard time pushing her out.
+ Saying "oh that feels so much better"
+ My husband saying "wow your stomach is gone"
+ The baby on my chest for not even a second before they took her away.

What happen next...
Everything happen so quickly. I didn't know what was going on. Nick didn't know. They weren't telling us anything. I didn't hear her crying and kept asking what was going on. They kept saying everything is fine, but we knew that wasn't the case. I do know she wasn't breathing so they started to resuscitate her. Within minutes after delivering a group of ER doctor's stormed the room. Yes, in all my glory.

Next thing we know she was being taken out of the room while a nurse asked if she has to be transported whether we prefer Reno, NV or Sacramento, CA! Talk about unsettling.

Within an hour the pediatrician on call explained what was happening. I was half there and just couldn't wrap my head around it.

At 4:30 a.m. I was able to see her for 5 minutes before they transported her to UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, CA.

It was scary because we didn't really know what was going on. We later found out that she also had the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck.

I'll save our NICU experience for another day,  the short of the long is...

Our girl was there for a week receiving a cooling treatment. She had a whole team of doctors watching over her. In the end there were no signs of any brain damage and she should live a very normal life. She will have additional tests over the next few years to make sure she continues to meet milestones, but the doctors weren't concerned at all. Talk about a sigh of relief.

We're blessed to have had such a great support system through out the process. Just know there's always a light at the end of the tunnel.

If you're still with me ... you rock! I'll be back next week chatting about body after baby! This is one you won't want to miss.


  1. How scary! I'm so glad your little bundle received such excellent care and is home with you!

    1. Sorry, and I'm from Fitfluential and! I'm a mama too and have had 3 scary deliveries but no NICU. Thank goodness!

  2. Wow. I am so thankful that you and the sweet babe are alright - how scary!! You're both amazing! I'm glad you shared your story with us <3

  3. I'm so glad to hear you & baby are alright! That must've been so scary. And she's a little doll!! <3

  4. Oh my goodness! So happy that this story has a happy ending!! I can't even imagine how scared you must have been. Kudos on no epidural, I was at a 3.5 and said I wanted it right that very second! Crazy how we all deal with pain differently!

  5. Oh I'm so glad she's okay. That must have been very scary. My second was a VBAC he was also sunny side up with a cord around his neck. Love the picture at the end. I love reading birth stories. Mine are both on my blog. Congrats on your beautiful family!

  6. wow what a crazy ride... im so glad little emmerson was ok in the end!