Friday, April 24, 2015

Five Protein Bars I Keep on Hand

Happy Friday!

My days at home with the baby are numbered... enter big sad face. I seriously can't believe how fast three months have gone. One thing that hasn't change is my need/love for trail/protein bars. While I was pregnant I enjoyed either an apple or some type of bar every afternoon. This didn't change once the baby arrived. A hearty snack helped with milk production.

Here are five bars currently in my pantry.

I love the original LARA BAR and recently decided to venture out and try their other bars. Enter ALT. This my new favorite bar! Because it's packed with protein without using soy or whey. I enjoy this bar as a pre/post workout snack.

TWO | LARA BAR über 
I love nuts and chocolate and this bar combines the two. über makes for the prefect afternoon snack and curbs any sweet tooth craving. It's really more like a candy bar and I typically treat it as such. Of course a bag of peanut of m&m would do, but this is still better for you.

THREE | Kind Plus
While I was pregnant I felt like I lived on Kind Bars and Apples with nut butter. Seriously, so good and so many flavors to choose from. We purchase the variety pack from Costco, but it only has two flavors so I tend to pick up a few other options when they're on sale.

A gluten free protein bar that packs a punch. Perfect as a snack on short hikes or pre/post workouts. I personally grab this bar on my way to the GYM for early morning workouts. For instance it's 5 a.m. I just nursed or pumped and I'm of to the GYM for a Spin class and my own circuit. It's way to early for breakfast and I don't want something heavy. The SMART bar is perfect and only 130 calories!

When you're really burning the calories this bar is key. Think intense training, long day hikes or even a long bike ride. The only down fall is that is tastes like a protein bar, which I'm really not a fan of. My husband doesn't seem to mind the taste so I keep them around for him. Luckily, as a Fitfluential ambassador we received a box from Detour to sample. I might not like the bar, but it turned me onto the brand and I sure do like their Smart bar mentioned above. You're not going to like everything you try and that's ok.  Just keeping it 100% real.

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What trail/protein bars do you keep on hand?


  1. i love KIND and LARA bars! i need to check out the other ones. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. I love bars, but am allergic to nuts...casein...and whey. I have the hardest time finding one that is delicious without my allergens in them. The ALT bar sounds great though!

  3. Ooh I have to try some of these out. Kind and the regular lara are my faves so I might really LOVE the others

    <3 Sarita it's my girls' world