Monday, April 6, 2015

Scenes From the Weekend

What a weekend! Sunshine and snow. My husband works four ten's so every weekend is a three day weekend for him. It's nice having the extra day to spend together.

Friday I taught my first mommy and me boot camp. I had one client... After breaking a sweat I went and got my hair done. The weather was gorgeous so of course we had to get outside and enjoy it.

We enjoyed the afternoon walking in the meadow just steps from our house.

Saturday we did some chores around the house and went for a mini hike. Roxy loves the water even if it's freezing. Crazy girl!

The views never disappoint.

Saturday evening we took girlfriend to her first Heavenly Ski patrol party. She slept.

Sunday was a blast celebrating her first Easter even if she didn't have a clue. We went out to brunch, but sadly she was asleep when the Easter Bunny stopped by so there isn't any pictures.

Emerson's first Easter basket! Summer clothes (this and this), bathing suit, hat, book, sunscreen, rattler, headband, and bunny lovely.

All in all I would say it was a great weekend!


  1. Where is that photo taken of Roxy in the water? Looks gorgeous! Glad you guys had a fun weekend celebrating E's first Easter!

    1. Thanks! It's Taylor Creek on the west side of 89. We parked at the snow park area and walked back along the trail.

  2. i love the idea of a mommy and me bootcamp! so fun :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams