Thursday, July 30, 2015

Emerson Quinn // Six Months

Height + Weight | No clue. Her six month appointment is next week so we'll see, but I'm thinking right under 20 lbs.  

Health | We're still working with a physical therapist and she's progressing great. The nanny even noticed it this week. Currently we're working on getting from the seated position to all fours.

Sleep | She's still sleeping through most nights. The last few weeks have been hit and miss with at least one early morning wake ups here and there. I'll chalk that up to either her teething (again) or grandma not sticking to the schedule while she watched her a few weeks ago.

Eat | We have a big girl! Recently we've really started to introduce more solids. Right now her diet is mostly breast milk/formula, rice cereal, and homemade solids.

Wear | It really depends on the brand, but anywhere from 6-9 months. Although 6 months probably won't fit in the next week or so.

Social | Girlfriend is such a happy girl. She spent a hole week with her grandma LeLe (aka my mom) while a worked a few weeks ago. We had some friends from the bay area up for fourth of July and Emerson spend some time with her further BFF. Roxy seems to like the baby more and more.

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Milestones | We're moving and grooving over here.

+ Cutting two more teeth!

+ Sitting up like a champ.

+ Finally rolled from her back to stomach.

+ Started eating homemade solids and rice cereal.

+ Started drinking formula with breast milk. We like the Honest formula.

+ Started giggling

+ Celebrated her first Fourth of July.

+ Working on learning how to use a sippy cup. We have this one.

+ Mom completed her Nursery!

Postpartum | Trying to find a balance between workouts and food. Breast feeding really threw me off because I was trying to consume enough calories to keep up with the demand. Although, I'm still below my pre-preganancy weight I'm soft and not as strong so I'm working on that now. 

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  1. six months already?!!? she is so cute! and hoooray for teeth! VI has been drooling like crazy but no teeth (yet!) I feel ya on finding a balance between eating and working out. most days i dont have the energy to workout but now that Vi is sleeping more (YAHHH!) im hoping to get back into a routine. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. She is such a doll!! Gah times go by way too fast!

  3. I just stumbled upon your blog! What a cutie! I love all these monthly updates on the cutest babes! I love her name! :-)

  4. Emerson is such a cutie pie. Our little girls are close in age. When exactly was she born?

  5. Question...why is Emerson seeing a physical therapist? I am just curious as I have thought about my twins seeing one for some development.

  6. She is such a cutie! My little man turns six months on the 20th, I'm super excited! I'm curious also as to why you're seeing a physical therapist...

    1. You're too sweet!

      Emerson had a dramatic birth that resulted in her being in the NICU for a week. She actually wasn't breathing at delivery and it took about 3 minutes for her to come to. Very scary.

      Anyway, at about 4 months we had an assessment done. Although she was mostly tracking at or above her age there were a few things she needed help with. We decided to start PT to help her develop and not fall behind. So far the therapist is very happy.