Friday, August 21, 2015

5 Brands with a Cause

Purchase with a purpose seems to be everywhere these days. I remember back in the day when TOMS launched one-for-one. After chatting with my sister the other day it got me thinking about other brands with a cause.  The list is endless, but here are five I will continue to support.

The high price tag is worth it. According to their mission statement they donate time, services and at least 1% of their sales to hundreds of grassroots environmental groups all over the world who work to help reverse the tide. Over the years I've rocked a number of dresses, sweaters and jackets. Below are just a few pieces I'm currently loving.

TOMS is one of the most visible brands that give back. I'm not sure, but they may have even started the one-for-one trend. I bought into the high priced shoes due to their awesome cause and brilliant marketing. Plus, their shoes are so comfy. I have a few "classic" pairs, booties and wedges. Check out how they're improving lives through shoes, sight, water, safe birth, and preventing bullying here.

HELLO -- ice cream that gives back. Yes, please. First ya'll know how much I love ice cream, but knowing each bite is also giving back is my cup of tea.

Like fine wines, whole-bean coffees and certain chocolates, Choctál ice creams are made from single-origin ingredients – one variety of cacao harvested from a single region. Choctál’s flavors are created from eight hand-selected regions across the globe that have the highest quality cacao resulting in unparalleled blend of richness and indulgence in each pint. You can pick it up and my favorite store -- Whole Foods Market. #doublewin

Oh yeah, they donate to 1% For The Planet.

FEED "Creates good products that help feed the world." No one should ever go hungry, but it happens everyday around the world. FEED offers a variety of bags, tees and accessories. When you purchase anything from their website you actually see how your purchase helps feed kids around the world. Need a new backpack for back to school? Purchase this one and provide 75 school meals for kids around the world. What about a diaper bag? Purchase this one and provide 180 micronutrient servings for woman and their children   around the world. Or how about my favorite fold over bag that provides 75 school meals for kids around the world.

Photo: Feed Projects

Typically, you'll find me drinking from a reusable water bottle, but when that's not in the cards Boxed water is better. First, you're saving the plant from one more plastic box. Second, they donate 1% of annual revenue to 1% For The Planet supporting world water relief, reforestation, and environmental protection projects.

Photo via my sister Brittnay Roberts
What brands with a cause do you support?


  1. ohh i really want to try the ice cream! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

    1. Hopefully you can find it in SC! So yummy. But then I love ice cream ;)